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Dairy Focus: Drought Impacts Feed Costs and Quality   ( 2012-07-16 )
Drought has created the U.S.’s largest ever natural-disaster area.
NDSU Oakes Irrigation Research Site to Hold Field Day July 31   ( 2012-07-10 )
Visitors will be able to observe and discuss variety trial research in corn, soybeans, small grains, onions, dry edible beans and potatoes.
Mon-Dak Ag Showcase and Williston REC Field Days Set for July 24-25   ( 2012-07-09 )
The Williston Research Extension Center (WREC) Dry Land Field Day and Nesson Valley Irrigated Field Day will unite with the Mon-Dak Ag Showcase to offer a more diverse event.
Corn, Soybean Crops Could Affect Hog Industry   ( 2012-07-06 )
Hog producers could see higher prices for feed for their animals.
Crop Tours Highlight Carrington Research Extension Center Field Day   ( 2012-07-05 )
Two crop tours will be conducted during the event for participants to view research trials and receive current production information.
Unusually Warm Spring May Cause Stored Grain Problems   ( 2012-03-19 )
Grain storability depends on grain quality, moisture content and temperature.
Best of the Best Meetings Set for Jan. and Feb.   ( 2012-01-20 )
These meetings will present the latest research results addressing some of the most critical issues facing wheat and soybean producers.
NDSU Schedules 2012 Getting It Right Soybean Production Meetings   ( 2012-01-06 )
Crop Return Projections Are Positive for 2012   ( 2011-12-16 )
With few exceptions, all crops show positive returns to labor and management in all regions of North Dakota where the projections were made.
Soybeans May Need Rewetting   ( 2011-10-13 )
Warm, dry weather can result in soybeans being too dry at harvest.
Monitoring Important for Soybean Fields   ( 2011-08-02 )
The key to soybean management is to minimize plant stress during the R4 to R6 growth stages.
NDSU Increasing the Economics of Raising Soybeans   ( 2011-04-29 )
Six site-years of data have been generated from trial locations at Carrington and Prosper.
NDSU Offers Spring Grain Drying, Storage Tips   ( 2011-03-09 )
Check whether stored grain needs to be dried this spring.
NDSU Sets Agricultural Outlook Conferences   ( 2011-01-11 )
Crop Return Projections Positive for 2011   ( 2011-01-04 )
Market Advisor: Wet Spring Creates Problems for Canadian Crops   ( 2010-06-25 )
Weather forecasts for the Canadian Prairie Provinces will be watched closely by market traders.
NDSU Offers Summer Grain Storage Tips   ( 2010-06-04 )
Mold and insects can be problems for stored grain during the summer.
Farm Profit Cut in Half in 2009   ( 2010-05-10 )
There was a large difference in profit by farm type.
Soybean Variety Shortages Possible   ( 2010-04-20 )
Regardless if the variety is Roundup Ready or conventional, it is important to use high-quality seed with good germination.
Natural-air Dry Grain Now   ( 2010-04-08 )
NDSU’s grain-drying expert offers spring drying advice.

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