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NDSU Sets Best of the Best in Wheat and Soybean Meetings   ( 2014-01-09 )
Spotlight on Economics: Marketing Challenges: Logistics, Exports and Canadian Imports   ( 2014-01-02 )
There are a multitude of factors impacting the shipping market. Major factors include strong growth for several of the major commodity segments, with the growth in Bakken oil and crop shipments being the most notable.
Positive Returns Projected in 2014 for Most Crops   ( 2013-12-18 )
However, producers may want to be more aggressive than normal in forward-pricing crops that provide acceptable profit.
NDSU Schedules 2014 Getting It Right Soybean Production Meetings   ( 2013-12-12 )
These are soybean educational meetings with current research-based information that can help producers with soybean production decisions for the 2014 growing season.
Crop Day Featuring Corn and Soybean Management Set for Dec. 17 at Carrington   ( 2013-11-18 )
The emphasis will be on corn and soybean management utilizing a combination of NDSU and industry crop experts.
Soybean Maturity, Moisture Variations May Pose Problems   ( 2013-09-26 )
Try to harvest as much of the crop as possible before its moisture level drops below 11 percent.
Row Crop Tour Set for Sept. 5 at NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center   ( 2013-08-13 )
Participants will view field research trials and receive production recommendations on corn, dry beans and soybeans.
Spotlight on Economics: Should Producers Enroll in the ACRE Program for 2013?   ( 2013-04-24 )
The most important questions about ACRE enrollment are whether the state will be eligible for an ACRE payment and for how much.
How Good is the 2013 Crop Insurance Safety Net?   ( 2013-03-04 )
At first glance, the projected prices per bushel look good at $5.65 for corn, $12.87 for soybeans and $8.44 for spring wheat.
NDSU Extension Service Projects Commodity Planning Prices for 2013   ( 2013-01-16 )
Price projections are given for the major crop commodities and livestock and livestock products.
Advanced Crop Advisers Workshop Set for Feb. 7-8 in Fargo   ( 2013-01-14 )
In-depth discussion of selected topics for agricultural professionals to enhance their crop production recommendations for farmers.
Check Stored Grain   ( 2013-01-07 )
Grain stores best when it is cool and dry.
NDSU Schedules 2013 Getting It Right Soybean Production Meetings   ( 2013-01-02 )
Meetings can help producers with soybean production decisions for the 2013 growing season.
Good Crop Returns Projected for 2013   ( 2012-12-18 )
However, producers are worried about whether average yields in 2013 will materialize. Unlike last spring, soil moisture is depleted.
Reconditioning Soybeans in Storage Poses Problems   ( 2012-10-04 )
Reconditioning causes soybeans to expand, which could damage storage bins.
Row-crop Tour Set at Carrington Research Extension Center   ( 2012-08-17 )
Japanese Beetles Detected in N.D.   ( 2012-08-16 )
A single Japanese beetle recently was detected in Grand Forks and several beetles were found in a pheromone trap operated by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture in West Fargo.
Spider Mites Continue to Cause Problems in Some Fields   ( 2012-07-27 )
Spider mite feeding reduces the photosynthetic area of the leaves and heightens drought stress.
Dairy Focus: Drought Impacts Feed Costs and Quality   ( 2012-07-16 )
Drought has created the U.S.’s largest ever natural-disaster area.
NDSU Oakes Irrigation Research Site to Hold Field Day July 31   ( 2012-07-10 )
Visitors will be able to observe and discuss variety trial research in corn, soybeans, small grains, onions, dry edible beans and potatoes.

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