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Field Pea Tour on July 12 at Carrington Research Extension Center   ( 2007-06-28 )
You are invited to attend a field pea tour scheduled for Thursday, July 12, at the NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center.
New Two-rowed Barley Released by N.D. Agricultural Experiment Station   ( 2007-06-28 )
Pinnacle, a new two-rowed barley variety, has been developed and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station.
NDSU Williston Research Extension Center Field Day Set for July 12   ( 2007-06-28 )
The NDSU Williston Research Extension Center celebrates its 100th anniversary during field day July 12.
Experts Recommend Fungicide Application for Scab Suppression   ( 2007-06-14 )
Wet weather across North Dakota could cause a scab (Fusarium head blight) problem for wheat and barley producers.
NDSU Potato Blightline Open   ( 2007-06-06 )
The NDSU Plant Pathology Department is providing a potato blightline service at no charge.
NDSU Agronomist Offers Advice on Replanting Small Grains and Corn   ( 2007-05-31 )
What to do with fields with poor plant populations is an urgent question now that all of the plants that are going to emerge have done so.
Fungicide Resistance Leads to New Management Recommendations in Chickpea.   ( 2007-05-31 )
Studies have led researchers at NDSU to recommend that strobilurin fungicides not be used on chickpea in North Dakota in 2007.
Crop Management Field School Scheduled June 21 at Carrington   ( 2007-05-10 )
A crop management field school will be offered Thursday, June 21, at the NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center.
Cold Weather Could Threaten Winter Wheat in North Dakota   ( 2007-04-12 )
A number of factors can influence the amount of damage that cold weather causes to winter wheat.
NDAWN Resumes Reporting Rainfall Data   ( 2007-04-05 )
The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network has resumed reporting rainfall for the season.
Brown-bag Seed Sales Illegal   ( 2007-03-22 )
The North Dakota State Seed Department reminds producers that brown-bag seed sales are illegal.
Barley and Distillers Grains Make Great Cattle Ration   ( 2007-03-22 )
Barley and distillers grains complement each other exceptionally well in diets for ruminant animals.
Plan Now for Your Attack on CRP Weeds   ( 2007-03-08 )
Weeds in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) may be worse than normal this year.
NDSU Assists With Price and Yield Risk Management Decisions   ( 2007-03-05 )
The NDSU Extension Service has an Excel computer spreadsheet, RiskMGT, which provides information to assist producers in making price and yield risk management decisions.
NDSU Releases Transgenic Soybean Variety   ( 2007-02-22 )
A transgenic Roundup-resistant soybean variety has been developed and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station.
NDSU Releases New Soybean Variety – Sheyenne   ( 2007-02-15 )
Sheyenne, a conventional nontransgenic soybean variety, has been developed and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station.
Organic Crop Budgets for 2007 Available from NDSU   ( 2007-02-15 )
The NDSU Extension Service is offering a publication on projected organic crop budgets.
Commodity Planning Price Projections for 2007 Available   ( 2007-01-05 )
Short- and long-term agricultural planning price projections for North Dakota are available from NDSU.

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