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Salvage Flooded Hay Quickly   ( 2009-04-16 )
Flooded hay needs to be salvaged fast because it can mold or catch on fire.
Use FeedList to Buy or Sell Needed Feeds   ( 2009-02-06 )
NDSU’s FeedList Web site brings together sellers and buyers of feedstuffs.
Plan Now to Find Hay Substitutes   ( 2009-02-05 )
Don’t wait until hay supplies run out to find other feeds.
Make the Most of Corn Residue   ( 2008-10-01 )
Corn residue can help cut winter feeding costs for beef cattle.
Earlage an Option for Harvesting Corn   ( 2008-09-18 )
Making earlage requires following good corn silage making principles.
NDSU Offers Postharvest Tips for Later-maturing Corn   ( 2008-09-09 )
Lack of maturity could cause corn harvesting and storage problems this year.
NDSU Offers Tips for Better Corn Silage   ( 2008-09-09 )
Harvesting corn at the proper moisture level and packing it properly are keys to good-quality corn silage.
Pastures Need Mix of Grasses   ( 2008-09-04 )
Range monitoring helps producers provide abundant and nutritious forage for their livestock.
Overgrazing Alters Pasture Plant Composition   ( 2008-08-28 )
Plants can help signal overgrazing on rangeland.
Canola Possible Forage Crop for Livestock   ( 2008-08-21 )
Canola can be a feed source if producers follow some common-sense precautions when introducing it to their livestock.
Testing Forages Will Pay Dividends   ( 2008-08-21 )
Producers should test forage before feeding it to their livestock.
Some Weeds Can Be Used As Emergency Forage Crop   ( 2008-08-14 )
Producers may be able to use some weeds as feed for their cattle.
Market Advisor: Cattle Numbers Decline Slightly, Demand Key to Prices   ( 2008-08-07 )
The National Agricultural Statistics Service pegged the cattle herd at 104.3 million head on July 1, 2008, down 0.5 percent from last year.
Light Test Weight Barley Can Be Useful Feed   ( 2008-07-31 )
Harvesting light test weight barley as a forage crop may be a viable option this year.
Consider Early Weaning in Areas Experiencing Drought   ( 2008-07-31 )
Early weaning is an option for cattle producers in areas where drought has reduced forage production.
NDSU Center Offers Range Management Assistance   ( 2008-07-31 )
NDSU’s Central Grasslands Research Extension Center will help producers learn how to better monitor their rangeland.
Dairy Focus: Cows Do Not Need Corn   ( 2008-07-17 )
Byproduct feeds can replace corn in the dairy cow’s diet.
Beware of Nitrate Poisoning in Livestock   ( 2008-07-03 )
Producers should have drought-stressed crops tested for nitrate before using them as forage for livestock.
Forage Contracts Help Ensure Payment   ( 2008-06-26 )
A contact could help ensure that forage providers get paid for their product.
Dairy Focus: Some Feed Cost Cutbacks Can Cost You   ( 2008-05-29 )
Replacing or dropping some ingredients from a dairy cow’s diet may not save money in the long run.

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