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Early Spring Means Cutting Hay Early   ( 2012-06-08 )
Hay crops are maturing early this year.
Grass-N-Beef Research Review Set for Jan. 25   ( 2012-01-04 )
Forage and beef cattle issues are among the topics at the 2012 Grass-N-Beef Research Review.
Minimize Livestock Prussic Acid Poisoning Risk   ( 2011-09-19 )
Cattle and sheep are more susceptible to prussic acid poisoning than swine.
Get the Most Out of Prevented Planting Acres   ( 2011-07-11 )
Producers can plant forage mixes for grazing that increase the soil’s water-holding capacity and add nitrogen to the soil.
Adjust Dairy Cattle Diets for Low-quality Forages   ( 2011-06-22 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers producers advice on coping with low-quality forage.
FeedList Connects Livestock Feed Buyers, Sellers   ( 2011-06-21 )
NDSU’s FeedList helps livestock producers find the extra feed they need.
Dairy Focus: To Inoculate or Not to Inoculate   ( 2011-05-05 )
Hay preservatives have pros and cons.
Dairy Focus: Rain Can Reduce Hay Quality   ( 2010-06-25 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on minimizing the effect of rain on a hay crop.
Methods Available to Estimate Forage Quality   ( 2010-05-24 )
Producers have ways to help them determine when to harvest alfalfa.
Harvest Alfalfa at Right Time   ( 2010-05-21 )
Timing is important when harvesting alfalfa as feed for dairy cows.
Grass Tetany Possible This Spring   ( 2010-05-14 )
Good growth of forage this spring could lead to grass tetany in cattle.
Many Factors Affect Alfalfa Harvest Decisions   ( 2010-05-04 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers alfalfa harvesting advice.
Dairy Focus: Cold Temperatures Challenge Corn Silage Production   ( 2009-10-13 )
Cold weather can hinder silage production.
Turn Frost-damaged Corn into Silage   ( 2009-10-09 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on using frost-damaged corn for silage.
Harvesting Frosted Corn for Silage an Option   ( 2009-09-28 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers tips on turning frost-damaged corn into silage.
Stop Feed Loss to Birds   ( 2009-09-21 )
Birds can cause a huge loss of cattle feed.
Preservatives Make Wet Hay Useable   ( 2009-09-17 )
Preservatives may be the answer if the moisture content of harvested hay is too high for proper storage.
Corn Silage, Barley Excellent Feeds for Growing Calves   ( 2009-08-26 )
An abundance of corn and barley this year could be good news for producers with calves to feed.
July 28 Field Day Scheduled at NDSU’s Oakes Irrigation Research Site   ( 2009-07-02 )
Crop Tours Highlight Carrington Research Extension Center Field Day on July 14   ( 2009-06-25 )
The event will provide participants with the choice of attending livestock, fruit or crop tours in the morning and a second crop tour in the afternoon.

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