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A Winter Urea Story (With Apologies to Charles Dickens)   ( 2009-12-09 )
Ebenezer held onto the spirit’s arm and was whisked to what appeared to be an NDSU Research Extension Center.
Row Crops and Precision Agriculture Featured Dec. 15 at Carrington Crops Day   ( 2009-11-19 )
Testing, Calibrating Essential for Nutrient Management   ( 2009-10-05 )
NDSU offers advice on manure testing.
Row Crop Field Tour Set at NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center for Sept. 9   ( 2009-08-21 )
Participants will view field research trials and receive production recommendations on sunflowers, dry beans, soybeans and corn.
Dickinson Research Extension Center Field Day Set for July 8   ( 2009-07-02 )
The public is invited to the event, which begins at 8:30 a.m.
NDSU Crop Management Field School Scheduled for June 25 at Carrington   ( 2009-05-28 )
The school will provide hands-on training on crop, pest and soil management using field research and demonstration plots.
Producers Face Many Fertilizer Considerations This Spring   ( 2009-04-23 )
NDSU Offers ZoneMap Training for Variable-rate Fertilizing   ( 2009-03-05 )
ZoneMap users can incorporate their field data with satellite imagery to delineate field management zones, assign fertilizer rates for each zone and then download the fertilizer application maps.
Crop Profit Projections Down For 2009   ( 2009-01-09 )
The 2009 crop profit projections are better than expected and are favorable when viewed in a longer historical context.
NDSU Schedules Getting It Right Soybean Production Meetings   ( 2009-01-08 )
These soybean educational events can help producers with production decisions.
Manure Good for Crops, Soil   ( 2008-11-20 )
A cropping systems trial at NDSU’s Carrington Research Extension Center shows manure has promise as fertilizer and is beneficial to the soil.
Dickinson Research Extension Center Field Set for July 9   ( 2008-07-03 )
Production Agriculture will be featured during the annual Dickinson Research Extension Center field day on July 9.
Manure Can Be Cost-effective Fertilizer   ( 2008-05-08 )
Manure is an environmentally and user-friendly fertilizer.
Fertilizer Spreader Calibration Saves Money, Environment   ( 2008-04-17 )
An NDSU nutrient management specialist offers tips on calibrating manure spreaders.
A Winter Urea Story (With Apologies to Charles Dickens)   ( 2007-12-13 )
"I have suffered these 10 years past because I talked people into putting urea on frozen soil," said Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge's fertilizer plant partner.
Dickinson Research Extension Center Certified for Organic Farming Research   ( 2007-10-18 )
North Dakota is a major producer of organic crops, ranking second behind California in certified organic acreage.
Soil Testing – The Real Cost   ( 2007-10-04 )
There are some growers who do not use soil testing because it is “too expensive.”
NDSU Agronomist Offers Advice on Replanting Small Grains and Corn   ( 2007-05-31 )
What to do with fields with poor plant populations is an urgent question now that all of the plants that are going to emerge have done so.
NDAWN Resumes Reporting Rainfall Data   ( 2007-04-05 )
The North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network has resumed reporting rainfall for the season.

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