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BeefTalk: Survival Still is About Production Costs   ( 2013-02-28 )
A good place to start is gross margin.
Good Crop Returns Projected for 2013   ( 2012-12-18 )
However, producers are worried about whether average yields in 2013 will materialize. Unlike last spring, soil moisture is depleted.
Good Grazing Management Can Increase Soil Mineral Nitrogen   ( 2012-10-25 )
Low available mineral nitrogen at less than 100 pounds per acre is responsible for greater than half of the reduction in herbage production.
Sugar Beet Byproducts Alternative Feed for Sheep   ( 2012-10-18 )
Sugar beet byproducts are high in fiber and energy.
Reduce the Risk of a Combine Fire   ( 2012-09-24 )
Operators can reduce the risk by recognizing the problem areas and acting to reduce the potential for fires.
Corn Harvest, Drying Challenging Again This Year   ( 2012-09-17 )
Producers need to check the condition of their corn crop in the field.
Winter Cereals an Alternative Silage Source   ( 2012-09-04 )
Cool-season cereal grains fared better than warm-season grains during this year’s drought conditions.
Volunteer Crops Can Provide Additional Animal Feed   ( 2012-08-02 )
Dry conditions in some parts of North Dakota have producers looking at feed alternatives.
Spider Mites Continue to Cause Problems in Some Fields   ( 2012-07-27 )
Spider mite feeding reduces the photosynthetic area of the leaves and heightens drought stress.
Testing Forages Pays Dividends   ( 2012-07-26 )
Some forage may be low in nutritional value and high in nitrate.
Canola Possible Forage Crop for Livestock   ( 2012-07-25 )
Canola can be an alternative feed for livestock, but producers need to be aware of the challenges.
Haying, Ensiling Immature Corn Poses Challenges   ( 2012-07-25 )
Nitrate levels are a concern when haying or ensiling corn.
N.D. Creeps Into Worst Drought Since 2008   ( 2012-07-20 )
Drought is impacting about a quarter of the state.
Become Part of N.D’s Climatological History   ( 2012-03-01 )
It’s fun, easy and only takes five minutes a day.
Farm Profit Cut in Half in 2009   ( 2010-05-10 )
There was a large difference in profit by farm type.
Plan Now to Find Hay Substitutes   ( 2009-02-05 )
Don’t wait until hay supplies run out to find other feeds.
Light Test-weight Corn Can Be Useful Feedstuff   ( 2008-11-13 )
NDSU research shows light test-weight corn can be used as cattle feed.
What is the Value of a Standing Corn Crop for Silage?   ( 2008-09-11 )
This year's corn crop may be vulnerable to yield and quality loss.
Canola Possible Forage Crop for Livestock   ( 2008-08-21 )
Canola can be a feed source if producers follow some common-sense precautions when introducing it to their livestock.
Some Weeds Can Be Used As Emergency Forage Crop   ( 2008-08-14 )
Producers may be able to use some weeds as feed for their cattle.

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