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NDSU Extension: 100 Years of Extending Knowledge, Changing Lives   ( 2014-05-05 )
NDSU Extension is celebrating its 100th anniversary with events on campus May 8 and at county offices this spring.
NDSU Extension Service: Helping Communities Take Charge   ( 2014-02-25 )
Community vitality is one of NDSU Extension’s four key programming areas.
NDSU Extension Service: Extending Knowledge, Changing Lives   ( 2014-01-08 )
The NDSU Extension Service is celebrating 100 years in 2014.
Spotlight on Economics: An Economist and a Soldier   ( 2013-10-30 )
The military is a command-based organization, while academia tends to be an environment that invites and encourages, or at least tolerates, sometimes extensive debate and discussion about most everything.
NDSU Athletes to be Awarded Scholarships During Harvest Bowl   ( 2013-10-16 )
More than $125,000 in scholarships have been awarded to NDSU student athletes.
NDSU Extension Professionals Honored   ( 2013-10-01 )
Two Extension professionals are recognized for their accomplishments.
NDSU Rural Leadership N.D. Program Selects 6th Class   ( 2013-09-09 )
Ninety-four people from 57 communities in 35 counties have graduated from RLND since 2003.
Spotlight on Economics: Listening and Then Some   ( 2013-07-02 )
Listening is not easy and can be especially challenging in a number of situations.
RLND Seeking Participants for 6th Class   ( 2013-04-08 )
Rural Leadership North Dakota helps participants develop skills such as thinking creatively and communicating effectively.
CHS Grant Supports NDSU Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives   ( 2013-03-15 )
The CHS contribution will enable the center to expand the reach of graduate and undergraduate courses and improve efforts to develop and disseminate cooperative educational materials through electronic and social media sources.
NDSU Professor Mentors Afghanistan Woman   ( 2013-02-26 )
Afghanistan woman learns more about marketing, financial management and leadership from NDSU professor.
Williams County, Williston Continue to Grow   ( 2012-12-12 )
The population of Williams County could go as high as 70,000 by 2017.
Spotlight on Economics: Business Retention and Expansion Programs Strengthen Communities   ( 2012-09-12 )
Business retention and expansion programs help communities assess their business environment.
NDSU Celebrates 39 Years of Excellence in Agriculture and Bison Athletics   ( 2012-08-17 )
Through the years, more than 2,000 agriculturists have been recognized and more than $120,000 in scholarships have been awarded to NDSU student athletes. The agribusiness award goes to Neal Fisher, North Dakota Wheat Commission administrator.
Bush Fellowship Builds Leadership   ( 2012-01-09 )
NDSU Extension has teamed up with the Bush Foundation to teach people how to be effective leaders.
NDSU Leadership Program Selects 5th Class   ( 2011-08-09 )
Twenty-six people were chosen for Rural Leadership North Dakota’s 2011-13 class.
NDSU Project Aims to Increase Capacity for Food Infrastructure Development   ( 2011-07-25 )
Strong food systems contribute to local economies and enable residents to have access to a variety of healthy produce, meats and dairy products that might otherwise be unavailable.
RLND Receives Farm Credit Grant   ( 2011-03-29 )
A $10,000 grant will help cover program costs for RLND’s 2011-13 class.
NDSU Extension Offers Rewarding Career Opportunities   ( 2010-12-15 )
The NDSU Extension Service is looking for job applicants with a desire to help others solve problems and improve their lives.
Networking Important for Home-based Businesses   ( 2010-08-21 )
Networking helps home-based business owners form ties with other professionals and create awareness of their company.

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