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NDSU Extension High-tunnel Conference Set for March 24-25

High tunnels are semi permanent structures that increase the fall and spring growing season.

The North Dakota State University Extension Service will host a high-tunnel conference on March 24-25 on the campus of NDSU in Fargo.

High tunnels are semi permanent structures that increase the fall and spring growing season.

“Imagine having local tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers starting to grow in early June, and lettuce, spinach, carrots and arugula growing through December or even later,” says Esther McGinnis, NDSU Extension horticulturist and assistant professor.

“Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran of high- or low-tunnel production, this regional two-day conference will provide you with cutting-edge information to improve your high-tunnel operation,” she adds.

The conference will feature Kathy Demchak from Pennsylvania State University and Terry Nennich, a retired Extension educator from the University of Minnesota. Demchak will share her research in high-tunnel strawberry and bramble production, and Nennich will speak about vegetable production for the northern Great Plains and plant nutrition.

Nontraditional crops such as cut flowers and microgreens, along with a vegetable grower panel, a high-tunnel construction question-and-answer session and information about using infrared technology, will be featured. Practical demonstrations such as installing irrigation, scouting for pests and vegetable grafting also will be part of the conference.

An active community of producers exists on the North Dakota High Tunnels Facebook page. This conference will be a way for producers and educators who know each other online to interact in person and acquire a greater depth of knowledge on the topic of high tunnels.

The North Dakota High Tunnels Facebook page and NDSU high-tunnels email listserv are ways for area high-tunnel producers to keep in contact with each other. Helpful information and news articles are posted daily, along with questions and conversations posted by beginner and veteran high-tunnel growers.

The conference is sponsored by BFG Supply Co., Green-tek and Poly Tech. A registration fee of $40 includes all conference meals. To register for the conference, visit

For more information on the conference, follow our Facebook page, North Dakota High Tunnels; visit; or contact McGinnis at 701-231-7971.

NDSU Agriculture Communication - Feb. 10, 2017

Source:Esther McGinnis, 701-231-7406,
Editor:Kelli Armbruster, 701-231-6136,
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