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NDSU Extension Offers Pre- and Post-calving Advice   ( 2020-01-10 )
Proper care of cows is essential.
NDSU Extension Offers Answers to Backgrounding Questions   ( 2019-12-19 )
NDSU Extension specialists have created videos to answer some backgrounding questions.
NDSU Extension Offers Advice on Feeding Low-quality Forage to Cattle   ( 2019-12-18 )
Some forage supplies could be of low quality this year.
NDSU Extension Offers Calf Weaning Advice   ( 2019-11-22 )
Producers have several methods for weaning calves.
Unharvested Corn Can be Feed for Cattle   ( 2019-10-29 )
Producers have options for using unharvested corn.
NDSU Extension to Host Fall Agriculture Challenges Webinar Series   ( 2019-10-26 )
This webinar series will give producers an opportunity to share their concerns and learn about their options.
NDSU Extension Teams Honored for Program Excellence   ( 2019-10-25 )
Extension teams were recognized for their programs in nutrition education and grazing readiness.
NDSU Extension Encourages Producers to Assess Forage Requirements   ( 2019-10-17 )
Wet conditions during haying may have reduced the quantity and quality of hay this year.
Wheat Still in Fields Raises Concerns   ( 2019-10-11 )
Wheat remains unharvested in parts of North Dakota.
NDSU Extension Offers Fall Cattle Checklist   ( 2019-09-25 )
Now is the time to schedule pregnancy checks, and assess cows’ body condition score and disease risks.
Beware of Ergot-contaminated Livestock Feeds   ( 2019-09-19 )
Ergot has been found in several parts of North Dakota.
NDSU Extension Offers Tips for Fall Grazing Cover Crops   ( 2019-09-11 )
Grazing cover crops can present some challenges.
Be on Lookout for Anthrax   ( 2019-08-20 )
Anthrax spores can survive for years under the right conditions.
Rain Impacts Forage Quality   ( 2019-08-19 )
Rain has created challenges for producers trying to put up hay this summer.
FeedList Connects Livestock Feed Buyers, Sellers   ( 2019-08-14 )
NDSU’s FeedList helps livestock producers find the extra feed they need.
Grazing/Harvesting Rule Change to Benefit Producers   ( 2019-07-08 )
The USDA is allowing producers to graze, hay or cut cover crops on prevented-planting acres beginning Sept. 1.
Hot Weather Increases Risk of Cyanobacterial Poisoning to Livestock   ( 2019-06-28 )
Blue-green algae poses a risk to livestock.
Now is Time for Producers to Evaluate Forage Supplies   ( 2019-06-26 )
Drought and cool temperatures are creating a forage shortage in some parts of North Dakota.
Cool Weather May Decrease Forage Production, Quality   ( 2019-06-13 )
NDSU livestock and forage experts offer advice if producers see a decrease in forage production and quality.
Delaying Calving Season Could Decrease Calf Deaths   ( 2019-05-31 )
Calving in warmer weather or a clean barn could be the key to fewer deaths.
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: How Do Plant- and Animal-based ‘Burgers’ Compare?  (2020-01-16)  Swapping plant-based “burgers” for beef burgers probably is not the answer to a more healthful diet.   FULL STORY
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