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Spotlight on Economics

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Archive of Spotlight on Economics columns
Spotlight on Economics: Stress Testing Your Farm   ( 2013-04-16 )
Farmers have experienced high demand and prices for their crops the past few years. However, farmers and experts agree that these conditions cannot be sustained forever.
Spotlight on Economics: North Dakota’s Growing Economy   ( 2013-04-03 )
North Dakota’s economy has been largely insulated from the primary factors affecting national and world economies.
Spotlight on Economics: Global Food Security in 2050   ( 2013-03-21 )
Can we produce enough food to feed the world population in 2050?
Spotlight on Economics: Projections of Employment, Housing and Population for Western N.D.   ( 2013-03-07 )
One of the first steps is understanding that projections of future oil activity do not exhibit the classic boom-and-bust cycles the state has experienced in the past.
Spotlight on Economics: Population Projections for Williston Basin   ( 2013-03-01 )
Standard demographic models and methods historically used to project population are inadequate because of the very rapid rate of change in western North Dakota and the unique nature of the Williston Basin workforce.
Spotlight on Economics: What Can be Done With Fracking Flowback Water?   ( 2013-02-06 )
The means of transporting and disposing of this wastewater has become an issue.
Spotlight on Economics: Record Cattle Prices With Continued Volatility Possible   ( 2013-01-23 )
Remember that prices for each market class of cattle have different seasonal patterns, so at times 2013 prices for some market classes (feeder calves in particular) likely will be below last year.
Prairie Fare: An Orange a Day May Keep the Doctor Away   ( 2013-01-17 )
Some researchers have rated oranges higher than apples in their power to “keep the doctor away.”
Spotlight on Economics: Compensating Surface Users for Mineral Development   ( 2013-01-08 )
Recognizing the concerns of surface owners who do not own the minerals, North Dakota law has been modified through the years to offer the surface owner more property protection rights.
Spotlight on Economics: Genetically Modified Wheat Status, Outlook and Implications   ( 2012-12-19 )
Following a number of years in which wheat acres declined in North America and mostly shifted to corn, soybeans, canola and cotton, a number of events unfolded that helped spawn the recent interest in GM wheat.
Spotlight on Economics: The Fiscal Cliff and Taxmageddon   ( 2012-12-05 )
Most likely Congress and the president will enact a temporary fix rather than deal with the nation’s long-term fiscal problems, which would require a comprehensive reform of the tax system and entitlement programs.
Spotlight on Economics: Assessing Probabilities Can Improve Marketing Plans   ( 2012-11-21 )
The first step in assessing market conditions and assigning subjective probabilities to price movements is to become familiar with the underlying supply and demand conditions for the crop under analysis.
Spotlight on Economics: Specialty Crops in N.D.   ( 2012-11-07 )
Specialty crops play a major role in North Dakota’s agriculture.
Spotlight on Economics: Flexible Land Rental Contracts   ( 2012-10-24 )
The interest in flexible rents by landowners often is a result of a large rise in commodity prices, which has occurred this year.
Spotlight On Economics: Regulating Obesity in America: Food and Health Policies   ( 2012-10-10 )
There are two approaches, short-run and long-run perspectives, to study obesity.
Spotlight on Economics: North Dakota Duck Nesting Habitat: Economic Drivers and Anticipated Trends   ( 2012-09-26 )
Waterfowl hunting provides huge economic benefits to both private industry and the state.
Spotlight on Economics: Business Retention and Expansion Programs Strengthen Communities   ( 2012-09-12 )
Business retention and expansion programs help communities assess their business environment.
Spotlight on Economics: The Hole in the Farm Safety Net   ( 2012-08-29 )
The crop insurance revenue guarantee will fall but costs likely will remain high, at least initially. Potentially, this can expose producers to a large financial loss.
Spotlight on Economics: Need for Risk Analysis in Research and Teaching   ( 2012-08-15 )
Risk analysis is a major and vital component for short- and long-term successful growth and profitability.
Spotlight on Economics: Are Cell Phone Laws Effective in Reducing Young Drivers’ Fatal Accidents?   ( 2012-08-07 )
As of July 2012, hand-held cell phone use by all drivers is banned in 10 states.
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