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Spotlight on Economics

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Archive of Spotlight on Economics columns
Spotlight on Economics: Swinging for the Fences   ( 2017-02-27 )
The 2016 North Dakota corn crop makes a great case for the upside of corn, as record yields resulted in profits that allowed many farms to plant another day.
Spotlight on Economics: Is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for You?   ( 2017-02-10 )
Examples of the use of UAV direct visuals in precision agriculture include evaluating planting success, crop scouting, and locating and counting livestock.
Spotlight on Economics: Two Strategies to Mitigate Great Plains Climate Change Impacts   ( 2017-01-17 )
Water storage and grain storage will play an integral role in the future of agriculture.
Spotlight on Economics: Do Retail Meat Prices Decline?   ( 2016-12-22 )
Prices can change daily at the farm level due to seasonal price patterns and production factors.
Spotlight on Economics: What is Big Data in the Context of Agriculture?   ( 2016-12-02 )
In layman’s terms, big data are beyond the storage capacity and processing power of a common machine or computer.
Spotlight on Economics: Flood Hazards Impact on House Prices in the Fargo-Moorhead Area   ( 2016-10-13 )
Actual flood events can change a homebuyer's perceptions about flood risk, thereby possibly discounting the home's value.
Spotlight on Economics: Are Farm Policy and Trade Important for N.D. Agriculture?   ( 2016-10-06 )
A summary of the studies related to evaluating the importance of farm policy and trade on N.D. agriculture.
Spotlight on Economics: Monetary Policy and Commodity Prices   ( 2016-09-15 )
Changes in monetary policies by the Fed may have a large impact on North Dakota’s agricultural sector.
Spotlight on Economics: Exploring Flooding Effects on Devils Lake Conservation Land Supply   ( 2016-09-08 )
Impacts for agricultural landowners include productivity losses caused by permanent inundation or temporary flooding.
Spotlight on Economics: Further Declines in N.D. Cropland Values Likely   ( 2016-08-23 )
A further decline in North Dakota cropland values will occur for the 2016 year. Will land values decline in 2017? Probably, although markets can change abruptly.
Spotlight on Economics: Monetary Policy and Exchange Rates   ( 2016-08-10 )
Fluctuations in the exchange rate contribute to the risk faced by agricultural producers and agribusinesses.
Spotlight on Economics: Biocoal   ( 2016-07-27 )
Biocoal could present a viable pathway to sustainable coal-based power.
Spotlight on Economics: Just Hang Up   ( 2016-07-13 )
Studies have found that drivers tend to downplay the risk of their own phone use.
Spotlight on Economics: On the Road Again   ( 2016-05-25 )
The growth in vehicle miles traveled is important news for American farmers.
Spotlight on Economics: Agriculture in China   ( 2016-05-11 )
American agriculture is very different from agriculture in China, but what is common is the entrepreneurial spirit.
Spotlight on Economics: Soybean Export Growth Opportunities and Quality   ( 2016-04-27 )
An important issue confronting exports of soybean is the protein content, which varies across regions and through time.
Spotlight on Economics: The Importance of Financial Flexibility   ( 2016-04-14 )
The current financial stress in agriculture has highlighted the importance of a farm maintaining financial flexibility.
Spotlight on Economics: An Initial Assessment of How the Proposed Fargo-Moorhead Diversion Might Affect Crop Planting   ( 2016-04-04 )
A recent NDSU study examines the potential for planting delays and sheds light on multiple sides of the FM Diversion issue.
Spotlight on Economics: Supporting a Nonresident Workforce   ( 2016-03-16 )
Supporting the oil and gas industry workforce with a different mix of goods and services can be challenging.
Spotlight on Economics: Addressing Western N.D. Water Needs With Water Markets   ( 2015-11-06 )
Western North Dakota has faced a dramatic increase in water demand during this decade’s oil boom. Can state water managers keep adjusting to meet the state's water needs?
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