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Archive of Spotlight on Economics columns
Spotlight on Economics: The Fiscal Cliff and Taxmageddon   ( 2012-12-05 )
Most likely Congress and the president will enact a temporary fix rather than deal with the nation’s long-term fiscal problems, which would require a comprehensive reform of the tax system and entitlement programs.
Spotlight on Economics: Assessing Probabilities Can Improve Marketing Plans   ( 2012-11-21 )
The first step in assessing market conditions and assigning subjective probabilities to price movements is to become familiar with the underlying supply and demand conditions for the crop under analysis.
Spotlight on Economics: Specialty Crops in N.D.   ( 2012-11-07 )
Specialty crops play a major role in North Dakota’s agriculture.
Spotlight on Economics: Flexible Land Rental Contracts   ( 2012-10-24 )
The interest in flexible rents by landowners often is a result of a large rise in commodity prices, which has occurred this year.
Spotlight On Economics: Regulating Obesity in America: Food and Health Policies   ( 2012-10-10 )
There are two approaches, short-run and long-run perspectives, to study obesity.
Spotlight on Economics: North Dakota Duck Nesting Habitat: Economic Drivers and Anticipated Trends   ( 2012-09-26 )
Waterfowl hunting provides huge economic benefits to both private industry and the state.
Spotlight on Economics: Business Retention and Expansion Programs Strengthen Communities   ( 2012-09-12 )
Business retention and expansion programs help communities assess their business environment.
Spotlight on Economics: The Hole in the Farm Safety Net   ( 2012-08-29 )
The crop insurance revenue guarantee will fall but costs likely will remain high, at least initially. Potentially, this can expose producers to a large financial loss.
Spotlight on Economics: Need for Risk Analysis in Research and Teaching   ( 2012-08-15 )
Risk analysis is a major and vital component for short- and long-term successful growth and profitability.
Spotlight on Economics: Are Cell Phone Laws Effective in Reducing Young Drivers’ Fatal Accidents?   ( 2012-08-07 )
As of July 2012, hand-held cell phone use by all drivers is banned in 10 states.
Spotlight on Economics: Why Business Models Matter   ( 2012-07-18 )
Economics is a useful tool for analyzing how different factors affect a business.
Spotlight on Economics: Game Theory   ( 2012-07-03 )
Game theory is used as a tool for economic analysis.
Spotlight on Economics: Facilitators of Economic Growth   ( 2012-06-20 )
In southern Afghanistan, deals often are made by a handshake, and many disputes are handled at the village level, with residents deferring to the village or tribal elder.
Spotlight on Economics: Time to Consider Water Quality and Economic Good   ( 2012-05-23 )
Efforts to maintain environmental quality need not threaten economic growth.
Spotlight on Economics: Growth in Petroleum Sector Sparks Need for Research   ( 2012-05-10 )
State and local decision makers, regulators, developers and others are in need of information about the scope and scale of the growth and development of the petroleum industry to plan for the future.
Spotlight on Economics: Issues and Challenges of the 2012 Farm Bill   ( 2012-04-25 )
Economic conditions under which the 2012 farm bill is being discussed are different from previous farm bills.
Spotlight On Economics: Macroeconomic Outlook - European Sovereign Debt Crisis   ( 2012-04-11 )
Many economists believe that a potential recession in Europe may weaken economic growth in the U.S substantially.
Spotlight on Economics: LRP – Crop Insurance for Livestock   ( 2012-03-29 )
A relatively new price risk management tool available to livestock producers is livestock risk protection (LRP) offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency (RMA).
Spotlight on Economics: Water Laws   ( 2012-03-14 )
A fundamental concept of water is the law that all water in North Dakota is owned by the state.
Spotlight on Economics: Commodity and Financial Trading Lab   ( 2012-02-29 )
Students will have the ability to analyze portfolios, trading strategies and risks.
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