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Archive of Small-business Savvy columns
Small-business Savvy: Start Your Business on the Side   ( 2016-04-07 )
Starting a side business is a win-win tactic.
Small-business Savvy: Understanding Marketing vs. Branding   ( 2016-03-31 )
Branding is a strategy that builds a relationship with customers.
Small-business Savvy: Passion Helps, But Profitability Required   ( 2016-03-17 )
For a business to be sustainable, it needs to make money.
Small-business Savvy: What Gets in Your Way?   ( 2016-03-03 )
Inertia, roadblocks and lack of funding are some reasons businesses don’t get started or move forward.
Small-business Savvy: Promises and Reputation   ( 2016-02-18 )
Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
Small-business Savvy: Connecting With Your Customers   ( 2016-02-04 )
Connecting with customers means success or failure.
Small-business Savvy: Marketing is Not a Numbers Game   ( 2016-01-21 )
What businesses want are aware, engaged customers taking action.
Small-business Savvy: Getting Ready for 2016   ( 2016-01-07 )
Developing a plan for your business is time well spent.
Small-business Savvy: Building on Trends   ( 2015-12-31 )
Trends can be great opportunities for a business, product or service.
Small-business Savvy: Spending Money to Make Money   ( 2015-12-17 )
Maintaining your building, paying good wages and establishing a solid customer service program are ways to increase your profits.
Small-business Savvy: Marketing is More Than Numbers   ( 2015-12-03 )
The object of marketing is to get customers to come into your store and leave with a purchase.
Small-business Savvy: Shop Local, Shop Small   ( 2015-11-19 )
Nov. 28 is Small Business Saturday.
Small-business Savvy: Avoid Being the Best-kept Secret   ( 2015-11-05 )
You need to keep the name of your business and what it does on the mind of customers and potential customers.
Small-business Savvy: Building Your Team   ( 2015-10-29 )
You may want to add an accountant if you don’t feel comfortable about handling the financial aspects of your business.
Small-business Savvy: Getting Others to Talk About Your Business   ( 2015-10-15 )
The easiest and most effective way is to ask customers to comment on their experience with your business.
Small-business Savvy: Use, Don’t Abuse, Small-business Interest   ( 2015-10-01 )
Being a small business can be a big advantage.
Small-business Savvy: Small is Not an Excuse   ( 2015-09-17 )
Take advantage of being a small business.
Small-business Savvy: Building a Sustainable Business   ( 2015-09-03 )
Business owners have ways to increase their chances of remaining in operation.
Small-business Savvy: Small-business Success Builds on Story and Product   ( 2015-08-20 )
Business success depends on continuous marketing.
Small-business Savvy: Setting the Right Price   ( 2015-08-06 )
Setting the right price for goods and services is part science and part art.
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