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Archive of Small-business Savvy columns
Small-business Savvy: Adding Legal Help to Your Small-business Team   ( 2016-12-29 )
Add an attorney to your business team from the start.
Small-business Savvy: Effective Marketing   ( 2016-12-15 )
Knowing your audience can help determine the marketing methods you use.
Small-business Savvy: Enjoying Local Foods and Local Farmers   ( 2016-12-01 )
Local foods also are small businesses.
Small-business Savvy: Get Ready to Shop Small   ( 2016-11-17 )
Small businesses have a big impact on the U.S. economy and communities’ quality of life.
Small-business Savvy: Customer Service is More Than a Post-transaction Activity   ( 2016-11-03 )
Great customer service begins before a person ever becomes a customer.
Small-business Savvy: Define Your Small-business Audience   ( 2016-10-20 )
Watching people and reading are great ways to start.
Small-business Savvy: Family Businesses in the Economy   ( 2016-10-06 )
Family businesses play a huge role in the economy.
Small-business Savvy: Prepare Your Small Business for Disaster   ( 2016-09-29 )
Disasters will happen, so be prepared.
Small-business Savvy: Follow the Money   ( 2016-09-15 )
Dig into what makes the most money and where your business may be leaking money.
Small-business Savvy: What’s Your Small-business Money Maker?   ( 2016-09-01 )
Knowing which one of your products or services is keeping the doors open is crucial.
Small-business Savvy: Identify Yourself as a Small-business Owner   ( 2016-08-18 )
Small-business ownership is an attitude and an identity.
Small-business Savvy: Consistency is the Key in Customer Service   ( 2016-08-04 )
Consistently good service brings customers back.
Small-business Savvy: A Small Business Must Think Big   ( 2016-07-21 )
Distinguish your business from all the others.
Small-business Savvy: Customer Shopping Assistance   ( 2016-07-07 )
Pay attention to your customers’ words and body language.
Small-business Savvy: Competition and Clustering   ( 2016-06-30 )
For small businesses, competition is not a bad thing.
Small-business Savvy: To-do Lists and Time Management   ( 2016-06-16 )
To-do lists can help you manage your time.
Small-business Savvy: Your First Customer   ( 2016-06-02 )
Your first customer should be someone who will hold your business up to the highest standards.
Small-business Savvy: Which Fits You, Entrepreneur or Small-business Owner?   ( 2016-05-19 )
Don’t get caught up in titles.
Small-business Savvy: Know Why You Are in Business   ( 2016-05-05 )
Understanding why you are in business helps you make decisions and chart your course into the future.
Small-business Savvy: Celebrate Small Business Week   ( 2016-04-21 )
Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy.
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