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Prairie Fare: Crack Some Eggs   ( 2016-04-07 )
Eggs are a healthful and budget-friendly food.
Prairie Fare: Ease Up on the Salt   ( 2016-03-31 )
Most of the sodium in our diet comes from processed dinner mixes, snacks, canned soups and condiments.
Prairie Fare: Using Smaller Appliances May Save You Some Cash   ( 2016-03-24 )
Microwaves, toaster ovens cost less to operate than a full-sized oven.
Prairie Fare: Walking a Dog is Good for Your Health   ( 2016-03-17 )
Regular physical activity can help us manage our weight and reduce our risk for several chronic diseases.
Prairie Fare: What’s For Dinner?   ( 2016-03-10 )
Sale ads can help you plan tasty, healthful meals.
Prairie Fare: Savor the Flavor of Eating Right   ( 2016-03-03 )
Good nutrition and good flavor do not have to be exclusive of each other.
Prairie Fare: How Can You Tell if Food is Safe to Eat?   ( 2016-02-25 )
In general, leftover perishable foods (cooked meat, casseroles, vegetables) kept at 40 F or below should be used within three or four days.
Prairie Fare: Don’t Let a Buffet Promote a ‘Food Coma’   ( 2016-02-18 )
To keep from overeating at a buffet, have a snack before you go.
Prairie Fare: Have You Ever Eaten Edamame?   ( 2016-02-11 )
Edamame is high in fiber and protein.
Prairie Fare: Take Steps to Avoid Kitchen Fires   ( 2016-02-04 )
Don’t leave the stove or cooking appliances unattended when being used.
Prairie Fare: Adults Can Learn Lessons From School Lunch Research   ( 2016-01-28 )
You are more likely to grab a healthful snack if it’s ready to eat.
Prairie Fare: Eating a Variety of Foods Can Be a Victory for Your Health   ( 2016-01-21 )
We can learn some vital lessons from a previous generation.
Prairie Fare: Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Health   ( 2016-01-14 )
An estimated 50 million to 70 million U.S. adults experience sleep problems.
Prairie Fare: Ski to Better Health This Winter   ( 2016-01-07 )
Skiing strengthens arm and leg muscles, and your heart and lungs.
Prairie Fare: Take Steps to Manage Mindless Eating in the New Year   ( 2015-12-31 )
Consider setting a goal of eating more “mindfully” when temptations surround you.
Prairie Fare: 2016 is the International Year of Pulses   ( 2015-12-24 )
Pulse foods are good for your heart and the rest of your body.
Prairie Fare: I Pledge Not to Be a Sloth This Winter   ( 2015-12-17 )
Don’t let cold temperatures and snow stop you from being physically active in the winter.
Prairie Fare: Try Singing the ‘12 Ways to Health’ Song   ( 2015-12-10 )
This song will help you stay healthy during the holidays and the rest of the year.
Prairie Fare: Stay Safe and Healthy During Extreme Cold   ( 2015-12-03 )
Be prepared for cold weather.
Prairie Fare: Have You Tried a New Grain Lately?   ( 2015-11-25 )
Whole-grain foods provide energy, vitamins and minerals.
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