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Prairie Fare: Give Broccoli a Chance   ( 2008-09-18 )
Broccoli is a nutrition-packed, colorful addition to our plates.
Prairie Fare: Fill Nutrition Gaps With Well-chosen Snacks   ( 2008-09-11 )
Snack foods make up about one-fifth of the daily calories among children ages 6 to 11.
Prairie Fare: Save Money on Groceries with These Tactics   ( 2008-09-04 )
Unfortunately, “drive-aways” from gas stations and thefts from grocery stores have been on the rise.
Prairie Fare: Take a Step Back in Baking History   ( 2008-08-28 )
Baking in earlier times was probably more art than science.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy an ‘Egg-stravaganza’ of Good Nutrition   ( 2008-08-21 )
For healthy people, one egg a day now is considered OK.
Prairie Fare: Ignore Old Food Preservation Recipes   ( 2008-08-14 )
Great-grandma’s canning recipes published in the 1970 church cookbook probably do not stand up to current recommendations.
Prairie Fare: Prepare for School with Breakfast and Snack Ideas   ( 2008-08-07 )
Questions and answers about breakfast and snacks that apply to children and adults.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy Caffeinated Beverages in Moderation   ( 2008-07-31 )
A moderate amount of caffeine can improve our alertness and, sometimes, our performance on mental tasks, but too much caffeine can leave us “wired” and lead to sleepless nights, headaches, abnormal heart rate or diarrhea in some cases.
Prairie Fare: Don’t Forget to Eat Some Blueberries   ( 2008-07-24 )
A U.S. Department of Agriculture study showed that aging rats fed antioxidant-rich blueberry, strawberry or spinach extracts showed improvement in short-term memory.
Prairie Fare: Food Costs Prompt Renewed Interest in Gardening   ( 2008-07-17 )
Gardening is back in style.
Prairie Fare: Know Your Fats   ( 2008-07-10 )
We need to limit or minimize saturated and trans fat in our diet and we should be using a healthier type of fat.
Prairie Fare: Think About Your Water Intake During Summer Months   ( 2008-07-03 )
Prairie Fare: Try These Winning Fruit and Veggie Tips   ( 2008-06-26 )
Many people fall short of the current fruit and vegetable recommendations, despite the role these colorful foods play in helping prevent cancer and heart disease.
Prairie Fare: Freezer Meltdown May Prompt Cooking Spree   ( 2008-06-19 )
I thought about the advice I had given through the years when people had power outages.
Prairie Fare: Latest Outbreak Puts Spotlight on Tomatoes   ( 2008-06-12 )
Prairie Fare: Nutritious Foods and Supplements Promote Health   ( 2008-06-05 )
I look at vitamin-mineral supplements as a bit of inexpensive nutrition insurance, but I never consider them a replacement for a variety of nutrient-rich foods.
Prairie Fare: Nourish Your Bones   ( 2008-05-29 )
Our bodies are like buildings in some ways.
Prairie Fare: Homegrown Produce Encourages Kids to Eat Their Veggies   ( 2008-05-22 )
Research shows that children are more likely to eat their fruits and vegetables if they’re homegrown.
Prairie Fare: Have Your Blood Pressure Checked   ( 2008-05-15 )
High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney disease and eye damage that could lead to blindness.
Prairie Fare: Men’s Replies to Nutrition and Health Survey Sometimes Surprising   ( 2008-05-08 )
The health issues for men of greatest concern were cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, prostate health, overweight and joint/bone health.
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