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Prairie Fare: Save Energy in Your Kitchen   ( 2009-02-05 )
I did a little background research on the energy use of small appliances compared with full-sized appliances.
Prairie Fare: Serve Convenience and Economy with Pasta   ( 2009-01-29 )
In these challenging economic times, consumers are stretching their food dollars with pasta-based casseroles and soups more often.
Prairie Fare: Salty Foods Aren’t a Necessity   ( 2009-01-22 )
Unlike our inborn preference for sweetness, we aren’t born with a “salty tooth.”
Prairie Fare: Have Some Comfort Food During Cold Snaps   ( 2009-01-15 )
Comfort foods, those simple, familiar foods that conjure the image of “home,” are showing up on menus across the U.S.
Prairie Fare: Don’t Fumble as You Plan Super Bowl Snacks   ( 2009-01-08 )
Researchers have noted that people may eat and drink much more when there are no visual clues about how much has been eaten.
Prairie Fare: Sweet Potatoes Provide a Bushel of Nutrition   ( 2008-12-31 )
Curious about the differences between yams and sweet potatoes, I looked up some information.
Prairie Fare: Be Prepared to Survive Frigid Temperatures   ( 2008-12-24 )
Nutritionally, we can survive without food for days, but staying hydrated is a concern.
Prairie Fare: Safely Cope with Snow Removal   ( 2008-12-18 )
This is a good time to review some winter snow removal tips, whether you use a snow blower or a shovel.
Prairie Fare: Right-size Your Portions   ( 2008-12-11 )
Does the size of the plate make a difference in how much food people eat?
Prairie Fare: Eat More Fiber This Holiday Season   ( 2008-12-04 )
Prairie Fare: Don’t Miss This Nutrient   ( 2008-11-26 )
Step right up and hear about a special nutrient that’s a real deal for your health.
Prairie Fare: Food Product Dates Can Be Mysterious   ( 2008-11-20 )
Prairie Fare: Be Thankful for Leftover Turkey   ( 2008-11-13 )
Be creative with leftover turkey.
Prairie Fare: Plan and Shop for Good Nutrition   ( 2008-11-06 )
When your job is to help people recognize healthy food selections and handle them safely, you feel compelled to follow your own advice.
Prairie Fare: Give Carrots a Try as a Snack   ( 2008-10-31 )
Americans consume only about 10 percent of the amount of fiber they did a century ago.
Prairie Fare: Let Autumn’s Colors Be Your Nutrition Inspiration   ( 2008-10-23 )
Autumn’s colorful foliage is a good reminder to fill our plates with colorful fruits and vegetables.
Prairie Fare: Halloween Tricksters: Enjoy Some Treats   ( 2008-10-16 )
Sugar does not “cause” diabetes or hyperactivity as has been suggested.
Prairie Fare: Freeze Meals Now, Save Time Later   ( 2008-10-09 )
Making your own frozen entrees allows you to prepare your favorite meals.
Prairie Fare: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth in Moderation   ( 2008-10-02 )
You might be wondering why someone in the nutrition field just admitted to drinking pop of any kind.
Prairie Fare: Mushrooms Offer Unexpected Nutritional Value   ( 2008-09-25 )
Many people have strong feelings about mushrooms.
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