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Prairie Fare: Watch Your Sodium Intake During American Heart Month   ( 2019-02-07 )
Americans consume 75 percent of their sodium from processed foods, not from table salt.
Prairie Fare: Stay on the Pulse of Healthful Eating   ( 2019-01-31 )
Pulse foods are budget-friendly and good for our heart.
Prairie Fare: Food Recalls and Outbreaks: What’s the Difference?   ( 2019-01-24 )
An outbreak means at least two people have the same foodborne illness from the same contaminated food or drink.
Prairie Fare: Avoid Sitting Too Much   ( 2019-01-17 )
Too much sitting can lead to health issues.
Prairie Fare: 6 Dogs Taught Me Some Health Lessons   ( 2019-01-10 )
Pets can offer lessons on companionship, physical activity, sleep and nutrition.
Prairie Fare: Beware of Health Scams in 2019   ( 2019-01-03 )
Miracle weight loss measures have no long-term success.
Prairie Fare: Diet Tips for 2019   ( 2018-12-26 )
Here are some behavior changes that can help you lose weight.
Prairie Fare: Reduce Your Risk of Kitchen Fires This Holiday Season   ( 2018-12-20 )
Cooking fires are the No. 1 cause of home fires and injuries.
Prairie Fare: Could Your Cellphone or Tablet Be a Germ Catcher?   ( 2018-12-13 )
On study found cellphones may carry 10 times the amount of bacteria found on toilet seats.
Prairie Fare: Have You Tried an Air Fryer?   ( 2018-12-06 )
If you are interested in buying an air fryer, do your homework and read the appliance reviews from reputable sources.
Prairie Fare: How Long Does Frozen Food Last?   ( 2018-11-29 )
The quality of frozen food depends on how well it is wrapped.
Prairie Fare: Canned Goods Can Help You Meet Daily Fruit and Vegetable Needs   ( 2018-11-22 )
Canned fruits and vegetables are comparable in nutritional value to their fresh and frozen counterparts.
Prairie Fare: Are You Thankful for Leftovers?   ( 2018-11-15 )
Eating leftovers can save money and reduce food waste.
Prairie Fare: Be a Superhero by Trimming Food Waste   ( 2018-11-08 )
Most of us can take steps to reduce food waste at home.
Prairie Fare: Let’s Play ‘Name That Squash’   ( 2018-11-01 )
Squash is a nutrition all-star.
Prairie Fare: Are Apples Really Healthful?   ( 2018-10-25 )
Apples truly are good for our health.
Prairie Fare: Inspire Your Autumn Menus With Pumpkin   ( 2018-10-18 )
Pumpkin is low in calories and high in fiber.
Prairie Fare: How Much Do You Use the Internet?   ( 2018-10-11 )
You may be suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder.
Prairie Fare: Stint as a Student Chef Prompts Me to Keep My Day Job   ( 2018-10-04 )
Eggplant, which is low in calories, can be grilled, roasted, fried, steamed or sauteed.
Prairie Fare: Driving With Distractions Can Be a Recipe for Disaster   ( 2018-09-27 )
Distracted driving can be deadly.
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Kid- and Adult-friendly Healthful Snacks Can Be Tasty  (2019-11-14)  Too many people shortchange themselves on fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  FULL STORY
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