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Prairie Fare: Make Some Memories During National Picnic Month   ( 2019-06-27 )
Don’t let foodborne illnesses spoil your picnic this summer.
Prairie Fare: Inspire Your Menus With Fresh Basil   ( 2019-06-20 )
Herbs such as basil flavor food without you having to add salt to recipes.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy Lounging Outdoors With a Refreshing Beverage   ( 2019-06-13 )
If plain water is kind of boring, try infusing it with fruit and/or herbs.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy Seasonal Strawberries   ( 2019-06-06 )
Strawberries are “in season” in the spring and summer.
Prairie Fare: Be Cautious With Chemicals During Gardening Season   ( 2019-05-30 )
Plan ahead and apply pesticides properly.
Prairie Fare: De-stress with Gardening   ( 2019-05-23 )
According to researchers, gardening can be beneficial for mental, physical and social health.
Prairie Fare: 5 Tips to Evaluate Health Information in a High-tech World   ( 2019-05-16 )
Reliability and trustworthy information is important when making health decisions.
Prairie Fare: Protect Your Skin When Playing in the Sun   ( 2019-05-09 )
More people get a skin cancer diagnosis than all of the other types of cancer combined.
Prairie Fare: Are You Inspired to Do Some Spring Cleaning?   ( 2019-05-02 )
Add your kitchen to this year's spring cleaning.
Prairie Fare: Do You Know Anyone with a Peanut Allergy?   ( 2019-04-25 )
Peanuts are among the foods most associated with allergic reactions, and the symptoms can range from mild to severe.
Prairie Fare: Looking Back on Nutrition and Other Trends in the Last 40 Years   ( 2019-04-18 )
Though nutrition recommendations have changed over the years, moderation is still key.
Prairie Fare: Is Music Good for Your Health?   ( 2019-04-11 )
Music can keep our brain active, reduce stress and help us recover from surgery.
Prairie Fare: What Would You Do in a Disaster Involving Food?   ( 2019-04-04 )
Know what to do if a flood affects your food supply.
Prairie Fare: Try These Questions About Storing Fruits and Vegetables   ( 2019-03-28 )
Fruits and vegetables are among the foods Americans waste the most.
Prairie Fare: Exploring the Germans From Russia Foodways   ( 2019-03-21 )
Food is a way to connect with your culture, as well as other cultures.
Prairie Fare: Where’s Your Food Thermometer?   ( 2019-03-14 )
If you don’t have a food thermometer, you need to get one.
Prairie Fare: Is Anyone Else Anxious for Spring?   ( 2019-03-07 )
Now is a good time to think about what we put on our plate and perhaps growing some of the food we eat.
Prairie Fare: Does Freezing Weather Increase the Calories We Burn?   ( 2019-02-28 )
Our environmental conditions can affect our metabolism.
Prairie Fare: How Do Late-night Snacks and Beverages Affect Sleep?   ( 2019-02-21 )
Recent evidence shows that having a small bedtime snack might be good for us.
Prairie Fare: Add Some International Flair to Your Menus   ( 2019-02-14 )
Food is a way to connect to your own culture as well as explore other cultures.
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Kid- and Adult-friendly Healthful Snacks Can Be Tasty  (2019-11-14)  Too many people shortchange themselves on fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  FULL STORY
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