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Prairie Fare: July is National Picnic Month   ( 2015-07-02 )
Be sure to protect your food from visible and invisible unwanted guests.
Prairie Fare: Naturally Recycle Your Kitchen Wastes   ( 2015-06-25 )
Composting is a natural form of recycling that can benefit your garden.
Prairie Fare: Take Care of Your Eyes   ( 2015-06-18 )
Nutrition can play a role in maintaining our vision.
Prairie Fare: Do You Know the Four C’s of Grilling Success?   ( 2015-06-11 )
Think about cut, cookery, quality and consumption when grilling.
Prairie Fare: Have You Applauded a Cow Lately?   ( 2015-06-04 )
Cows produce about 90 glasses of milk per day, or enough to quench the thirst of 30 children with three glasses of milk daily. During a cow’s lifetime, that’s 200,000 glasses of milk.
Prairie Fare: Can Rhubarb Become Toxic?   ( 2015-05-28 )
According to a widely circulated Facebook post launched in another state, rhubarb could become toxic (poisonous) after a frost. Could that be true?
Prairie Fare: Who Needs Strength Training?   ( 2015-05-21 )
Strengthening our muscles, we can reduce body fat and maintain or potentially reduce our blood pressure.
Prairie Fare: Try a Fruit With Appeal   ( 2015-05-14 )
Bananas have been a popular fruit for thousands of years. In early times, bananas were held in such high esteem they became known as the "fruit of the wise man" and "fruit of paradise."
Prairie Fare: Leftover Breakfast Cereal? Think Outside the Box   ( 2015-05-07 )
We have plenty of ways to use cereal while saving money and reducing waste along the way. We just need to think outside the box a bit.
Prairie Fare: Safe Food Preservation Advice Comes Early This Year   ( 2015-04-30 )
About 30 botulism cases are reported yearly in the U.S. and most of those cases are associated with food canned improperly at home.
Prairie Fare: How to Manage Splurges at Big-box Food Stores   ( 2015-04-23 )
Extra calories from any source can lead to weight gain.
Prairie Fare: Grilled Asparagus Adds Variety, Nutrition to Menu   ( 2015-04-16 )
As part of an overall healthful diet, asparagus and other healthful foods may reduce our risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
Prairie Fare: Is It Time for An Oil Change in Your Recipes?   ( 2015-04-09 )
We have many oil choices in the grocery store, and some of them are more healthful than others.
Prairie Fare: Feast Your Eyes on Eggs   ( 2015-04-02 )
Eggs are one of the most versatile, economical and nutritious foods available.
Prairie Fare: Be the Grill Master This Spring   ( 2015-03-26 )
Our spring season beckons us to enjoy dining and cooking outdoors.
Prairie Fare: Enjoy Spring With Regular Outdoor Walks   ( 2015-03-19 )
Walking can reduce our risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and several other diseases.
Prairie Fare: Do You Sit Most of the Day?   ( 2015-03-12 )
Those who sit most of the day may face a greater risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, obesity and cancer.
Prairie Fare: How Much Protein Do You Need?   ( 2015-03-05 )
Protein in food form is tasty and packed with nutrients.
Prairie Fare: Where Do You Get Your Recipes?   ( 2015-02-26 )
Half of the people who responded to a national phone survey said they use social media, such as Facebook, to learn about food.
Prairie Fare: Food Preparation Evolves as the Family Nest Empties   ( 2015-02-19 )
Sometimes, when children move away, the incentive to cook leaves along with the family members.
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