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Prairie Fare: Have You Tried a New Grain Lately?   ( 2015-11-25 )
Whole-grain foods provide energy, vitamins and minerals.
Prairie Fare: Is Having Some Sausage and Bacon OK?   ( 2015-11-19 )
Don’t cut meat out of your diet.
Prairie Fare: Try These 10 Questions About Turkey   ( 2015-11-12 )
Do you know about how much turkey a person eats each year?
Prairie Fare: Follow the CDC’s 3 Actions to Fight the Flu   ( 2015-11-05 )
The flu can lead to serious complications, including pneumonia.
Prairie Fare: Honey, You Shrank the Fruit   ( 2015-10-29 )
Dehydration has been a method of preserving food since early in history.
Prairie Fare: Trick or Treat Season Calls for Moderation   ( 2015-10-22 )
Candy and other sweetened treats usually provide calories without significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
Prairie Fare: 4-H Foods Projects Teach Lifelong Lessons   ( 2015-10-15 )
Food-related programs have been popular topics for children enrolled in 4-H.
Prairie Fare: Does an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?   ( 2015-10-08 )
Apples may help with weight maintenance or loss.
Prairie Fare: Music is Good for Your Health   ( 2015-10-01 )
Studies show music helps relieve stress and improves children’s school performance.
Prairie Fare: Roasted Vegetables are an Autumn Treat   ( 2015-09-24 )
Beets can add some color to your menu.
Prairie Fare: Are You Taking Steps to Ensure Safe Fruits and Vegetables in Your Kitchen?   ( 2015-09-17 )
Consumers share the responsibility for keeping produce safe to eat.
Prairie Fare: Are Potatoes Fattening?   ( 2015-09-10 )
Potatoes are a nutritional bargain.
Prairie Fare: Try These 5 Tips to Build a Healthful Lunch   ( 2015-09-03 )
Eating lunch gives you a chance to refuel your brain and body after a morning of hard work.
Prairie Fare: Have You Tried Quinoa?   ( 2015-08-27 )
Quinoa can be used in a variety of ways, including in soups, salads, main dishes, breads and crackers.
Prairie Fare: Is Coffee Good for Your Health?   ( 2015-08-20 )
Studies have shown positive physical and mental benefits from drinking coffee, but it can have some effects.
Prairie Fare: 7 Ways to Add More Veggies to Your Diet   ( 2015-08-13 )
Now is a great time to enjoy fresh vegetables.
Prairie Fare: Preserve the Fruits of the Season Safely   ( 2015-08-06 )
Food canning isn’t the time to get creative with recipes.
Prairie Fare: Try a New Sandwich During August, Sandwich Month   ( 2015-07-30 )
Sandwiches have been around for centuries.
Prairie Fare: How Can You Tame a Sweet Tooth?   ( 2015-07-23 )
Trim your intake of sweetened beverages and try reducing the amount of sugar in recipes.
Prairie Fare: Judging Food Contests Tempts the Palate   ( 2015-07-16 )
Dark chocolate may be good for your health, but only in moderation.
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