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New Livestock Round-Up Available

Some of you “old time” livestock market observers may remember receiving the brown and white monthly Western Livestock Round-Up newsletter in the mail during the ‘70s and ‘80s.

By Tim Petry, Livestock Marketing Economist
NDSU Extension Service

Would you like to know more about consumer demand for beef,
the outlook for cattle and sheep and lamb prices, and the
Canadian cattle industry? Those topics are covered in the most
recent issue of the quarterly Livestock Round-Up published by
the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC).

Some of you "old time" livestock market observers may remember
receiving the brown and white monthly Western Livestock
Round-Up newsletter in the mail during the '70s and '80s.
Later, readers across the Western and Great Plains states
received the Round-Up as an insert in state agricultural

Due to increasing costs of printing and mailing, the emergence
of electronic media and the LMIC taking on more of a national
scope, the Round-Up was discontinued in the mid-1990s.

The LMIC is a unique cooperative effort that includes 24 state
Extension Services (including the NDSU Extension Service),
five cooperating USDA agencies and seven associate
livestock-related organizations.

Each participating institution has a designated member of the
LMIC. I am the designated member from NDSU. The expertise of
the state livestock marketing economists, the USDA
representatives and several full-time LMIC staff members,
including Jim Robb, director, and Erica Rosa, agricultural
economist, provide a critical mass to evaluate livestock
markets and related issues.

Therefore, a decision was made to revive the Livestock
Round-Up on a quarterly basis and distribute it in electronic

It can be accessed on my Web site at: or from the
LMIC Web site at

Publication dates are March, June, September and December.
Articles will focus on livestock markets and related issues.
The major species covered in terms of market situation and
outlook will be cattle, hogs and sheep. Other species and
related industries also will be covered periodically.

James Mintert, Kansas State University Extension Service
livestock marketing economist, is serving as editor. He
authored an article titled "What is Consumer Demand for Beef?"

The article emphasizes that understanding consumer demand for
beef, its key determinants and how to analyze changes in
demand, can be challenging. Part of the difficulty comes from
confusion over terminology. Often market analysis focuses on
cattle and beef supply because, in the short run, supply
changes more frequently than demand. However, demand also is
important in determining prices for cattle and beef products.

The article titled "A Closer Look at the Canadian Cattle
Industry" focuses on how BSE-related issues have affected the
cattle industry in Canada and how the cattle and beef trade
between the U.S. and Canada is changing.

Articles also discuss the factors influencing cattle and sheep
prices and the increases in numbers that are occurring in
those industries.

Your comments or suggestions for future articles are welcomed
and encouraged. Please feel free to send them to me at


NDSU Agriculture Communication

:Source: Tim Petry, (701) 231-7469,
:Editor: Rich Mattern, (701) 231-6136,

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