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Archive of Dairy Focus columns
Dairy Focus: Make Better Use of Byproduct Feeds   ( 2008-07-31 )
Byproducts can work in dairy rations, an NDSU dairy expert says.
Dairy Focus: Feedstuff Comparisons Offer Interesting Results   ( 2008-07-24 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist explains ways to evaluate alternative feedstuffs.
Dairy Focus: Cows Do Not Need Corn   ( 2008-07-17 )
Byproduct feeds can replace corn in the dairy cow’s diet.
Dairy Focus: Cutting Feed Costs Has Consequences   ( 2008-06-26 )
Dairy producers need to weigh the pros and cons before altering their cows’ feed ration.
Dairy Focus: Feeding Your Dairy Herd in 2008 a Challenge   ( 2008-06-19 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers tips on reducing feed costs.
Dairy Focus: What’s In Your Ration?   ( 2008-06-05 )
Feed bunk management is an important part of controlling feed costs.
Dairy Focus: Some Feed Cost Cutbacks Can Cost You   ( 2008-05-29 )
Replacing or dropping some ingredients from a dairy cow’s diet may not save money in the long run.
Dairy Focus: Is Ethanol an Economic Shock or Agricultural Shift?   ( 2008-05-22 )
The growing ethanol industry may be changing the face of agriculture.
Dairy Focus: Balance Ration to Offset Expensive Corn   ( 2007-10-25 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on finding alternatives to corn in the dairy cow’s diet.
Dairy Focus: Coalition Launches Dairy Animal Well-being Effort   ( 2007-10-05 )
A new initiative is aimed at protecting consumer trust in the dairy industry’s commitment to caring for its animals.
Dairy Focus: Water - It’s What You Don’t See That Counts   ( 2007-09-12 )
Routine water analyses can help monitor dairy cattle’s mineral intake.
Dairy Focus: Maximize Quality and Quantity of Dairy Forages   ( 2007-09-12 )
Maximizing forage quantity and quality is a balancing act.
Dairy Focus: Ethanol Production Byproducts Nutritious Animal Feed   ( 2007-09-06 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on feeding distillers grains to dairy cattle.
Dairy Focus: Study the Economics of Distillers Feeds   ( 2007-08-30 )
Feed value and shipping distance help determine whether distillers grains are a good source of food for dairy cattle.
Dairy Focus: Distillers Grains Can Contribute to Performance and Cost   ( 2007-08-23 )
Distillers grains can be a good protein supplement for dairy cattle.
Dairy Focus: Manage Wet Byproducts to Prevent Spoilage   ( 2007-08-16 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist provides tips on storing wet distillers grains.
Dairy Focus: Extend the Shelf Life of Wet Distillers Grains   ( 2007-08-09 )
NDSU's dairy specialist offers tips on preserving distillers grains.
Dairy Focus: Alternative Renewable Fuel Synergies Create Potential for Northern Plains   ( 2007-08-02 )
North Dakota is in a good position to benefit from the production of alternative, renewable fuels.
Dairy Focus: Why Feed Byproducts?   ( 2007-07-26 )
NDSU’s Extension dairy specialist helps producers decide whether feeding byproducts is the right option for them.
Dairy Focus: Develop Strategies to Lower Feed Costs   ( 2007-07-19 )
NDSU’s Extension dairy specialist offers suggestions for lowering feed costs.
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