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Archive of Dairy Focus columns
Dairy Focus: To Inoculate or Not to Inoculate   ( 2011-05-05 )
Hay preservatives have pros and cons.
Dairy Focus: Possible Feeding Strategies for $8 Corn   ( 2011-03-24 )
Reducing the starch content in lactating dairy cows’ diets can lower feed costs.
Dairy Focus: Reduce Feed Costs to Optimize Returns   ( 2011-03-08 )
Dairy managers have ways to reduce feed costs and maximize returns.
Dairy Focus: Can Cows Eat $8 Corn?   ( 2011-03-01 )
Dairy managers look for ways to keep feed costs down.
Dairy Focus: Got Milk Quality?   ( 2011-01-21 )
Clean cows, clean barns and clean workers are vital on dairy farms.
Dairy Focus: EU Rules Impact Midwest Dairy Farmers   ( 2010-08-10 )
New European Union rules could impact U.S. dairy producers selling milk to processors who export dairy products.
Dairy Focus: Rain Can Reduce Hay Quality   ( 2010-06-25 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on minimizing the effect of rain on a hay crop.
Dairy Focus: Balance Rations to Avoid Rumen Problems   ( 2010-02-04 )
Including too much corn in the dairy cow ration could lead to health problems.
Dairy Focus: Faster Feed-out Can Reduce Spoilage   ( 2010-01-28 )
Feed that didn’t ensile properly could spoil quickly when temperatures rise.
Dairy Focus: Dipping in Cold Weather   ( 2010-01-06 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on protecting cows’ udders in cold, wet weather.
Dairy Focus: Bagging Wet Corn   ( 2009-12-03 )
Storing wet corn in silo bags is a viable option for short-term storage.
Dairy Focus: Cold Temperatures Challenge Corn Silage Production   ( 2009-10-13 )
Cold weather can hinder silage production.
Dairy Focus: FARM Program Will Authenticate Dairy Farm Practices   ( 2009-10-06 )
A new program promotes consistency in animal care.
Dairy Focus: Feed Shrink, the Dairy Managers’ Nemesis   ( 2009-09-08 )
Reducing feed loss can lower dairy production costs.
Dairy Focus: Dare to Compare   ( 2009-08-31 )
A survey of 2,194 herds in 17 states looks at dairy cattle health and management.
Dairy Focus: Suicides a Tragic Result of Farm Economy   ( 2009-07-23 )
Help is available for dairy producers dealing with stress.
Dairy Focus: Dealing with Stress   ( 2009-04-02 )
The Cooperatives Working Together Herd Retirement program may be an option for dairy farmers wanting to get out of the milk production business.
Dairy Focus: Economic Conditions Could Get Ugly   ( 2009-02-05 )
The economy likely will get worse before it gets better for dairy producers.
Dairy Focus: MILC Program Renewed   ( 2009-01-15 )
The reauthorized Milk Income Loss Contract Program has some new provisions.
Dairy Focus: Use Feed Strategies to Optimize Profits   ( 2008-08-07 )
Dairy producers have more than one way to feed a cow.
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