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Archive of Dairy Focus columns
Dairy Focus: Reduce Feed Bunk Shrink to Improve Profitability and Feed Efficiency   ( 2013-06-14 )
Feed shrinkage can be costly.
Dairy Focus: Milk Pricing   ( 2013-06-03 )
Dairy prices are based on a number of factors.
Dairy Focus: Reducing Shrink With Feed Yard Management   ( 2013-05-21 )
Good feed yard management can reduce feed waste.
Dairy Focus: Right Feed Bunk Design Can Reduce Shrinkage   ( 2013-05-09 )
Reducing feed loss can save money and improve dairy efficiency.
Dairy Focus: The Gift of Appreciation   ( 2012-12-07 )
Saying thank you to those who work for you never goes out of style.
Dairy Focus: Shrink Feed Shrinkage   ( 2012-10-24 )
Savings from reducing feed shrinkage can be substantial.
Dairy Focus: Calves and Cleanliness a Vital Health Relationship   ( 2012-10-17 )
Sanitation is one of the most important components of keeping calves healthy.
Dairy Focus: Improve Low-quality Forages   ( 2012-09-24 )
Ammoniation and adding hydrated lime can improve low-quality forages.
Dairy Focus: Protecting Hay More Important Than Ever   ( 2012-09-06 )
Covering hay bales cuts hay loss significantly.
Dairy Focus: Many Factors Affect Corn Silage Price   ( 2012-08-22 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers help in setting a fair price for corn silage.
Dairy Focus: Poor Corn Pollination Affects Quality   ( 2012-08-08 )
NDSU’s dairy specialist offers advice on feeding and storing poorly pollinated corn.
Dairy Focus: Drought Impacts Feed Costs and Quality   ( 2012-07-16 )
Drought has created the U.S.’s largest ever natural-disaster area.
Dairy Focus: Reduce Parasites With an Integrated Approach   ( 2012-07-05 )
Now is the time to control pests around livestock.
Dairy Focus: Help Relieve Cows’ Heat Stress   ( 2012-06-19 )
Heat stress can reduce milk and fat yield and increase health and fertility problems.
Dairy Focus: Celebrate Dairy Month   ( 2012-05-29 )
June is National Dairy Month.
Dairy Focus: Is the Cost of Feeding Frequency Worth It?   ( 2012-03-06 )
This is not the time to skimp on nutrients for calves.
Dairy Focus: Nice Winter Doesn’t Reduce Calf Care   ( 2012-01-10 )
Dairy calves need added nutrients, even in mild winters.
Dairy Focus: Harvest Corn at Right Moisture Content   ( 2011-08-17 )
Dairy cows perform best when the corn they're fed is harvested at the proper moisture level.
Dairy Focus: Store Animal Health Products Properly   ( 2011-08-08 )
Animal health products can lose their effectiveness if they aren’t stored correctly.
Dairy Focus: Growing Calves is Like a Marathon   ( 2011-05-25 )
Warm weather changes calf management.
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