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New Energy Economics: Visit Our New Wind Energy Web Site

Cole Gustafson, NDSU Biofuels Economist Cole Gustafson, NDSU Biofuels Economist
The Web site is up 24/7, so people can access the information at their convenience.

By Cole Gustafson, Biofuels Economist

NDSU Extension Service

Have a question on some aspect of wind energy? Would you like access to the most current wind topics being discussed in the region? Do you have information that would be invaluable to someone considering a wind investment? If so, I have created a Web site to facilitate these discussions.

I am pleased to announce the arrival of the High Plains Wind Forum at This Web site was developed to create a series of discussions on the topic of wind energy in the region.

When you go to the Web site, you need to create a username and password. I chose my first and last name as my username and then created a unique password. After that, you will be able to enter the discussion forum to read existing questions and answers that others have placed there. The user also can post a new question or help somebody else out by providing an answer to an open question.

There are several categories of topics already established – annoucements, available discussions and classifieds. The annoucements section will inform readers of upcoming workshops and webcasts on wind energy. The classifieds are an exchange forum for people wanting to buy or sell wind equipment. The available discussions area has several subcategories, including policy and legislation, dealing with neighbors, finance and economics, leases, negotiating a contract, small wind systems, wind equipment and technology, and wind energy resources.

Under policy and legislation, several more categories exist to discuss either federal policy initiatives or state legislation in each of the Plains states. I have provided an update on each of the wind legislative proposals moving through the North Dakota Legislature.

At the moment, many of the comments on the Web site are initial questions I have posted to get each of the theads started and to show how the forum will operate. When you go to the site, I would encourage you to post questions that you have or add thoughts to discussions already occurring. Don’t be bashful!

This discussion forum should be quite valuable because many wind leases have confidentiality clauses that prevent owners from divulging specific contract terms. However, that should not prevent people from finding out what comparable terms are in other locations.

The Web site is up 24/7, so people can access the information at their convenience. While NDSU has offered several workshops throughout the region and additional webcasts online, people are not always available to participate. The materials from these presentations have been recorded and are available online for viewing at later times.

If you have a question in a topic area that isn’t covered, please let me know and I will consider adding discussion threads. I am in the process of adding one on wildlife considerations, as well as transmission lines.

NDSU Agriculture Communication

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