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Biofuel Economics

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New Energy Economics: A Wrap on Biofuels   ( 2011-07-19 )
New Energy Economics: Terminating Ethanol Tax Credit Is Only 1 Risk Industry Faces   ( 2011-07-05 )
For several reasons, removing the subsidy will have only a modest effect on biofuel plants, corn producers and livestock feeders.
New Energy Economics: Trading More Expensive Auto Air Conditioning for Lower Car Fuel Mileage?   ( 2011-06-15 )
In essence, car manufactures will be allowed to sell cars with poorer fuel mileage if they upgrade air conditioning systems to R-1234yf.
New Energy Economics: Challenges to Increasing American Vehicle Fuel Mileage   ( 2011-05-31 )
A rebound effect occurs as a result of vehicles getting better fuel economy, so they are driven more.
New Energy Economics: Lifecycle Analysis and the Triple Bottom Line   ( 2011-04-26 )
New Energy Economics: Next-generation Biodiesels   ( 2011-04-12 )
Advanced biofuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent under the nation’s renewable fuel standard program.
New Energy Economics: How Energy Efficient is Agriculture – Lifecycle Analysis Part II   ( 2011-03-29 )
National retailers, led by Wal-Mart, are requiring all suppliers to document how energy and carbon efficient their products are.
New Energy Economics: How Energy Efficient Is Agriculture? – Lifecycle Analysis No. 1   ( 2011-03-16 )
Consumers increasingly wonder how much energy it takes to produce and deliver goods they purchase at retail stores.
New Energy Economics: How Much Stover Can Be Removed Sustainably?   ( 2011-03-01 )
To preserve long-term carbon balances and soil productivity, the goal of maintaining 2,500 to 3,000 pounds of organic matter, on average, after each crop should be the goal.
New Energy Economics: Does Oil Road Dust Affect Crops?   ( 2011-02-16 )
New Energy Economics: Likely Cellulosic Feedstocks   ( 2011-02-02 )
A database of current and planned biomass projects using commercial data has been developed.
New Energy Economics: Will Consumers Buy Energy Beet Biofuel?   ( 2011-01-19 )
The goal is to construct 12 plants that produce 20 million gallons each for an annual state production of 240 million gallons.
New Energy Economics: How Much Energy Do Wind Towers Use?   ( 2011-01-06 )
New Energy Economics: Ethanol and Biodiesel Tax Credit Extensions – Marginal Investment Impact   ( 2010-12-21 )
Tax credits are a direct economic benefit to the industry but it isn’t always clear which part of the industry captures the benefit.
New Energy Economics: Future Biomass Markets   ( 2010-11-30 )
New Energy Economics: Impact of National Election on Renewable Energy Industry   ( 2010-11-09 )
The ethanol industry was quick to point out that several of the new Republicans elected to serve in Washington, D.C., hail from farm states.
New Energy Economics: Initial Impact of E15 Will Be Modest   ( 2010-10-27 )
The overall market impact of E15 will be negligible because biofuel production is expected to exceed growth in consumption.
New Energy Economics: How Much Biofuel From Unharvested Sugar Beet Acres?   ( 2010-10-05 )
New Energy Economics: Is There Enough Time to Harvest Wheat Straw?   ( 2010-09-23 )
With expanding acreage of other fall crops, the number of days to collect wheat straw could be limited if a producer wants to complete tillage before moving on to other fall crops.
New Energy Economics: Who Owns the Biomass – Tenant or Landowner?   ( 2010-09-08 )
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