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Archive of BeefTalk columns
BeefTalk: A Review of a Good Sale Catalog   ( 2007-02-22 )
A good catalog starts out with a friendly welcome and factual information about the sale.
BeefTalk: Good Bull Buying Rests on Knowing Your Cattle   ( 2007-02-15 )
In the end, finding bulls that maintain or enhance growth is important.
BeefTalk: Good Bull Ads Let the Data Shine   ( 2007-02-08 )
Two very important functions should occur when advertising bulls for sale.
BeefTalk: True or False - The Biggest Blowfish Use EPDs   ( 2007-02-01 )
In the world of beef production, finding the finite, absolute answer is very difficult.
BeefTalk: Animal Identification, a Reality or Simply a Perception   ( 2007-01-25 )
The latest bit of news regarding the questionable origin of cattle slaughtered last fall, but only noted this year, continues to call for some type of explanation.
Don't Buy Blowfish, Use EPDs   ( 2007-01-18 )
The trick in a good beef-breeding plan is to stack the bull pen full of great EPDs.
BeefTalk: The Annual Bull Buying Season Starts – Time to Bone Up on EPDs   ( 2007-01-11 )
While the development of EPDs is complicated, the application of EPD numbers to bull-buying techniques is reasonably straightforward and simple.
BeefTalk: The Future Starts with Common Sense   ( 2007-01-04 )
The future is much more than we, as individual producers or groups of producers, can fathom at times.
BeefTalk: Most Cow-calf Producers Are Animal-feeding Operations   ( 2006-12-05 )
Those who have been involved with agriculture have learned to live with risk and the unpredictable nature of the business.
Early Weaning is Certainly a Viable Option in Drought Conditions   ( 2006-08-11 )
Don’t be afraid to early wean calves.
BeefTalk: A Cow's Production Needs to Cover Expenses   ( 2006-08-11 )
The recent drought is only the last on a relatively long list of natural calamities that impact agricultural producers.
Shrink – $20 Worth of Understanding   ( 2006-06-01 )
Many discussions are focused on cattle shrink because the market value of cattle is a function of weight times price, which constantly change.
Feedlot Data Linked to Quality Data on the Rail   ( 2005-12-08 )
Even the simple process of using data to affirm and sustain current management and breeding efforts is difficult.
CalfAID - A USDA Process Verified Program   ( 2005-10-27 )
Media coverage has transformed animal identification to more than a hot-button issue.
Be Proactive, the Bite is Better if it Isn't Out of One's Own Rear   ( 2005-10-20 )
The first hurdle is cleared and CalfAID™ is process verified. This means doors are unlatched and ready to open. The next question is “open to what?”
Are Your Cows On a Weight-control Program?   ( 2005-10-14 )
Tough days, unpredictable events and keeping in tune with the rest of the world are standard operating procedures for those involved in the process of producing beef.
Sound Production Practices - Animal Identification and Waste Management   ( 2005-10-06 )
Now is the time to develop a sound production plan that integrates with the food industry for maximum consumer confidence and satisfaction.
Thinking is more important than talking   ( 2005-10-05 )
The world that business existed in yesterday is not the same world that business will exist in tomorrow. The beef business is no different.
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