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Archive of BeefTalk columns
BeefTalk: Cave Images Just Can't Compete with Cell Phone Text   ( 2007-05-24 )
Information overload has many functions, but never should be set aside on the premise that enough is enough.
BeefTalk: What Was May Not Need to Be What Is   ( 2007-05-17 )
We need to constantly challenge ourselves and, as we do things, make sure they fit.
BeefTalk: Lowline Steer Value Plus Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics   ( 2007-05-10 )
This week's BeefTalk column summarizes three years of feedlot performance from a set of smaller-framed, crossbred Lowline steers.
BeefTalk: "These Cattle Were Very Interesting"   ( 2007-05-03 )
Like it or not, the world changes gradually, yet there is enormous energy and effort expended to keep the status quo.
BeefTalk: Lowline Cattle – Matching Calving Ease with Value on the Rail   ( 2007-04-26 )
The beef business, from a producer's standpoint, is very much like a picture puzzle.
BeefTalk: Loala Bulls Impact Calving Ease   ( 2007-04-19 )
Since most producers have their cows calve in the spring, this is the logical time to critique calving records.
BeefTalk: Life Does Not Come Easy   ( 2007-04-12 )
The cow business can weigh heavily on our shoulders.
BeefTalk: Damn – I Just Can’t Get It   ( 2007-04-05 )
The process of calving comes down to two principles.
BeefTalk: Is Manure a Waste Problem or a Resource?   ( 2007-03-29 )
Our mindset determines to what extent we are open to change and if the possibility really exists.
BeefTalk: Someone You Should Get To Know – Your Waste Management Professional   ( 2007-03-22 )
Revenue and profit are two different things.
BeefTalk: Remind Me Later   ( 2007-03-15 )
The days of ration balancing and breeding cows are still good topics for a winter meeting, but times are changing.
BeefTalk: Precalving Should Mean Contented Cows   ( 2007-03-08 )
Cows are calving or very pregnant, so contentment is prevalent in the cowherd.
BeefTalk: Vaccinate and Get a head of the Storm   ( 2007-03-01 )
The Dickinson Research Extension Center is busy vaccinating the cows for scours and getting better prepared for the calving season.
BeefTalk: A Review of a Good Sale Catalog   ( 2007-02-22 )
A good catalog starts out with a friendly welcome and factual information about the sale.
BeefTalk: Good Bull Buying Rests on Knowing Your Cattle   ( 2007-02-15 )
In the end, finding bulls that maintain or enhance growth is important.
BeefTalk: Good Bull Ads Let the Data Shine   ( 2007-02-08 )
Two very important functions should occur when advertising bulls for sale.
BeefTalk: True or False - The Biggest Blowfish Use EPDs   ( 2007-02-01 )
In the world of beef production, finding the finite, absolute answer is very difficult.
BeefTalk: Animal Identification, a Reality or Simply a Perception   ( 2007-01-25 )
The latest bit of news regarding the questionable origin of cattle slaughtered last fall, but only noted this year, continues to call for some type of explanation.
Don't Buy Blowfish, Use EPDs   ( 2007-01-18 )
The trick in a good beef-breeding plan is to stack the bull pen full of great EPDs.
BeefTalk: The Annual Bull Buying Season Starts – Time to Bone Up on EPDs   ( 2007-01-11 )
While the development of EPDs is complicated, the application of EPD numbers to bull-buying techniques is reasonably straightforward and simple.
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