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Archive of BeefTalk columns
BeefTalk: Bull Buying Basics – Accuracy   ( 2008-02-28 )
BeefTalk: Bull Buying Basics – The Package Counts, Not the Wrapping   ( 2008-02-21 )
A well-wrapped package sells well, but don’t forget, it’s what’s in the package that counts.
BeefTalk: Bull-buying Basics – Get to Know the Numbers and Performance Will Follow   ( 2008-02-14 )
The reality is that bull buying can be simple.
BeefTalk: Control Costs, But Don’t Sacrifice Bull Nutrition, Health and Genetics   ( 2008-02-07 )
Cost management is critical and the obvious is not always obvious.
BeefTalk: Wind and Cold Are a Dangerous Combination For Bulls   ( 2008-01-31 )
Bulls exposed to wind and cold could be neutered by morning.
BeefTalk: Adaptability, Body Condition Closely Connected   ( 2008-01-24 )
Research has shown that body condition is the No.1 indicator on the ability of a cow to calf.
BeefTalk: Don’t Overlook the Value of Cattle Hair   ( 2008-01-17 )
Healthy cattle will tend to not have frost on their backs, even when the weather gets very cold.
BeefTalk: Prevention and Early Intervention Are Keys to Unlocking the Sick Pen   ( 2008-01-10 )
If a calf is dragging, a colt missing a jump or the feed bunk is not cleaned up, there is a reason.
BeefTalk: Gosh, Mom, We Just Have to Make That   ( 2008-01-03 )
As we start a new year, it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of the wonderful products from the beef industry.
BeefTalk: Would You Prefer Doggies or Dogies?   ( 2007-12-21 )
Santa messed up, but it was not his fault.
BeefTalk: It’s Always Nice to Talk Cattle   ( 2007-12-20 )
Fortunately, there are producers who can lend some wisdom to the cattle business.
BeefTalk: It’s Not Cheap to Raise a Good Ranch Horse   ( 2007-12-13 )
BeefTalk: Where Do All the Colts and Fillies Go?   ( 2007-12-06 )
The cost of maintaining, growing and training a horse is escalating, but the market has gone away.
BeefTalk: Beef Techie – Maybe a New Career   ( 2007-11-29 )
Perhaps the concept of a new television, disc player or surround-sound system, with individual remotes and interfaces, has arrived in the beef barn.
BeefTalk: Animal Identification and Disease Management are Closely Linked   ( 2007-11-21 )
The beef industry needs a modern, effective system of individual accountability.
BeefTalk: A Burden or Opportunity?   ( 2007-11-15 )
The need for a calving book that records data points along a calf’s life is essential.
BeefTalk: The Key and the Calf Have Value   ( 2007-11-08 )
It is very obvious that producers are seeking an unencumbered market environment that allows buyers from around the world to bid on their calves.
BeefTalk: Forward Thinkers Always Are Needed in the Beef Industry   ( 2007-11-01 )
Some organizations seem to have a purpose or function that extends through time.
BeefTalk: Buy a Scale   ( 2007-10-25 )
Now is a good time to think through just what generates dollars in the beef business.
BeefTalk: Load’em Up and Bring Those “Doggies” Home   ( 2007-10-18 )
A few brief discussions are held to reminisce about the days when all the cattle were herded home, but those mainly are memories.
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