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Archive of BeefTalk columns
BeefTalk: Now That Hurts!   ( 2008-08-14 )
There is no fairy godmother that will wave a wand to feed the cows.
BeefTalk: I Pledge My Head to Clearer Thinking   ( 2008-08-07 )
Times have changed, business plans are more intense and the consequences of managerial miscues are less forgiving.
BeefTalk: Don't Fight the DNA Helix   ( 2008-07-31 )
Having all the genetic pieces for a particular cow still does not guarantee the cow will be what is desired.
BeefTalk: Understanding Data Takes Time, Focus and Dedication   ( 2008-07-24 )
It takes data and, with the evaluation and understanding of that data, producers can implement managerial change that brings with it good net returns.
BeefTalk: Cow Size - Effects of Cow Size on Pasture Management   ( 2008-07-17 )
How cattle perform given individual production scenarios will vary, but one thing is for sure, do not assume what you see fits.
BeefTalk: Cow Size - Calf Value   ( 2008-07-10 )
The Great Divide: Group Versus Individual Data   ( 2008-07-03 )
BeefTalk: Do We Exist Only If Someone Else Knows We Exist?   ( 2008-06-26 )
Data education among producers, feedlot enterprises and all those involved in the beef chain is the priority.
BeefTalk: With Cow Size, One Can't Forget Production Potential   ( 2008-06-19 )
What size cow is right?
Beef Talk: This Is Next Year Country   ( 2008-06-12 )
Management plans and associated production must be in concert with events beyond a producer’s control.
BeefTalk: Life Goes On   ( 2008-06-05 )
We were blessed with rain, but somehow one of the pickups got confused on the change in surface and ran into a cow panel.
BeefTalk: Cow Size – To Win the Race, You Must Know What Race You Are In   ( 2008-05-29 )
A utopian system that goes from conception all the way to the consumer has yet to be developed.
BeefTalk: Cow Size – Dry Lot Versus Pasture   ( 2008-05-22 )
The search for feed resources is not for the faint of heart.
Beef Talk: Cow Size – How Much More Does the Big Cow Eat?   ( 2008-05-15 )
The core issue is what cattle to feed if feed becomes limited.
BeefTalk: Cow Size – Big and Very Big Cows Do Exist   ( 2008-05-08 )
As pastures dry and feed sources increase in cost, managers need to review what cows should stay and what cows should go.
BeefTalk: Cow Size – A Foundational Issue   ( 2008-05-01 )
Knowing the weight of the cows being turned out to grass is something every producer needs to know.
BeefTalk: One Size Does Not Fit All   ( 2008-04-24 )
We have the makings of being a little drier than dry.
BeefTalk: Now Is the Time to Sort Old Cows   ( 2008-04-17 )
A sort by age is based on the previous year’s records and then fit to the current year’s stocking plan.
BeefTalk: Develop Drought Plan When Cows Are Close   ( 2008-04-10 )
Producers need a plan should a drought develop.
BeefTalk: Heads Up – It’s Calving Time   ( 2008-04-03 )
Checking cows requires an awareness that cows are large, living beings that have a mind of their own.
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