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Archive of BeefTalk columns
BeefTalk: Pitching Hay or Doing Homework, the Choice is Ours   ( 2017-02-09 )
Today’s beef business centers around knowledge based on data.
BeefTalk: Prepping for Calving Means Prepped Cows   ( 2017-02-02 )
If cows are well-prepared, the calving season will go smoothly.
Beef Talk: In Search of Income   ( 2017-01-26 )
Do not underestimate the impact of change or rush into change.
BeefTalk: Scoring Cows Helps Cattle Management   ( 2017-01-19 )
Scoring can help you decide which cows stay and which get sold.
BeefTalk: Crossbreeding: It Works for Feral Pigs   ( 2017-01-12 )
The discussion of hybrid vigor has a place for beef producers.
BeefTalk: New Year’s Resolution: Earn $300 More Per Cow   ( 2017-01-05 )
Producers should take advantage of opportunities to increase product value and decrease expenses.
BeefTalk: Crossbreeding, or Should We Say Effective Breeding Systems   ( 2016-12-29 )
If excelling in calf growth and maintaining a cost-effective cow herd is the goal, crossbreeding is an option.
BeefTalk: Breeding Systems are Coming of Age   ( 2016-12-22 )
Cattle breeding systems are at the heart of long-term, cost-conscience, efficient beef production.
BeefTalk: Bull Selection and Obtaining Historical Benchmarks   ( 2016-12-15 )
Knowing the herd’s genetic benchmarks is critical.
BeefTalk: Bull Selection and Understanding the Bullpen   ( 2016-12-09 )
Knowledge is critical for beef producers when buying bulls.
BeefTalk: Bull Selection and Managing Risk   ( 2016-12-01 )
Reduce the risk by buying the right bull for your operation.
BeefTalk: Thanksgiving and Finding a Whisper   ( 2016-11-23 )
Take time to listen to what’s happening around and within you.
BeefTalk: The Arrival of Winter Means More Cow Feed   ( 2016-11-17 )
Don’t negate the gains in cow body condition resulting from a nice fall.
BeefTalk: A Basic Question: What is the Unit of Production, Acres or Cows?   ( 2016-11-10 )
The bottom line is finding a way to control costs.
BeefTalk: Controlling Cow Size Aids in Controlling Cow Costs   ( 2016-11-03 )
Controlling cow size means knowing one’s cows and what they weigh.
BeefTalk: Effective Cropping Systems Reduce Winter Feed Costs   ( 2016-10-27 )
Grazing forage systems keeps cows and calves grazing well into the winter months.
BeefTalk: Who Wants to Save $300 Per Calf?   ( 2016-10-20 )
To keep costs low, evaluate expenses, reduce production costs, and improve production and marketing efficiency.
BeefTalk: Lower Prices Need Lower Costs   ( 2016-10-13 )
The first step to lowering costs is knowing the costs.
BeefTalk: Sometimes I Think the Cows Know More Than We Do   ( 2016-10-06 )
Be prepared to collect calf data for planning purposes because planning with no data is difficult.
BeefTalk: Put Weight and Condition on Cows Now by Grazing Crop Aftermath   ( 2016-09-29 )
Producers have a positive opportunity to position the cows for calving and rebreeding next year.
BeefTalk: BeefTalk: Beef Growth Performance Continues to be Stable  (2017-11-16)  The current growth benchmark for actual weaning weight is 554 pounds at 192 days of age, with an average daily gain of 2.5 pounds.  FULL STORY
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Make Good Use of Leftovers This Holiday Season  (2017-11-16)  Take steps to avoid food waste.  FULL STORY
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