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Archive of BeefTalk columns
BeefTalk: Are Cattle Records Worth the Effort?   ( 2015-08-27 )
Appraising genetic and managerial inputs is critical to ranch management.
BeefTalk: Another Great School Year Begins   ( 2015-08-20 )
The integration of knowledge from one generation to the next can be difficult in the beef industry.
BeefTalk: Blue Moons and Summer Blues   ( 2015-08-13 )
The current low grain prices and ample forage availability can make beef industry expansion a reality.
BeefTalk: Grazing: Setting the Base Stocking Rate   ( 2015-08-06 )
Once the weighted stocking rate average is calculated, producers can begin stocking at the right number.
BeefTalk: Grazing Systems Combine MLRAs and Ecological Sites   ( 2015-07-30 )
Grazing systems are dependent on location and available feed.
BeefTalk: Grazing Systems are Major Land Resource Areas   ( 2015-07-23 )
A ranch’s profitability and sustainability are based on understanding grazing systems.
BeefTalk: Understanding Grazing Systems is Not Easy   ( 2015-07-16 )
Start with the concept of “take half, leave half” when setting up a grazing system.
BeefTalk: Pounds, Efficiency, Quality   ( 2015-07-09 )
Pounds, efficiency and quality are important components of the beef business.
BeefTalk: Pounds of Calf Weaned per Acre   ( 2015-07-01 )
The pounds of calf weaned per acre is key to the evaluation of any cattle system.
BeefTalk: May Calving is Productive   ( 2015-06-25 )
May calving is enjoyable, manageable and workable.
BeefTalk: Summer Safety for the Farm and Ranch   ( 2015-06-18 )
Visitors may not be aware of the dangers on the farm or ranch.
BeefTalk: Parasites, the Unwanted Guest   ( 2015-06-11 )
Be on the lookout for parasites this year.
BeefTalk: Biosecurity Confessions   ( 2015-06-04 )
I must confess some consternation with this expectation of restrictions such as protective boots and clothing and bottles of disinfectant.
BeefTalk: Cow Size and Success in the Beef Business   ( 2015-05-28 )
Coffee discussions tend to assume an answer quickly, but the reality is much more difficult and complicated.
BeefTalk: Genetic Diversity is a Good Thing   ( 2015-05-21 )
Crossbreeding various breeds of cattle produced calves that are genetically varied. This expanded gene pool has positive benefits on calf survival, growth and subsequent reproduction as mature cattle.
Thin Cows? A Pre-breeding Nutritional Push Helps   ( 2015-05-14 )
Winter effects will vary, but for those cows that used up some conditioning during the cold winter, spring feed is critical to meet lactation needs, as well pending reproductive needs.
BeefTalk: Have a Plan to Manage Cowherd Subgroups   ( 2015-05-07 )
The point and challenge is that beef producers need to have a plan. In other words, it is the process of slowly changing stocking rates to reflect the changing plant communities in response to changing moisture supplies.
BeefTalk: Prepare for the Unexpected, Live the Expected   ( 2015-04-30 )
As producers, there is no way to control the amount of rain we get, so we are forced to develop management plans that will be accommodating to various levels of moisture.
BeefTalk: When Should Cows Calve?   ( 2015-04-23 )
Basically, a cow will calf when she and her calf decide the time is right.
BeefTalk: Cattle Deserve a Professional Herd-health Program   ( 2015-04-16 )
The cost of implementing adequate biosecurity measures and associated vaccination protocols is minimal, compared with the cost of even losing one calf, let alone a cow or bull.
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