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Archive of BeefTalk columns
BeefTalk: Visit Your Breed Association Website for Maternal Breed Indexes   ( 2016-01-14 )
Selection indexes are valuable resources for cattle producers.
BeefTalk: Buying Bulls by the Numbers   ( 2016-01-07 )
Knowing current average expected progeny difference values for bulls is critical.
BeefTalk: Expanding Genetics and Electronic Bull Buying   ( 2015-12-31 )
The way bulls are sold is changing.
BeefTalk: Winter Solstice, Spring Breeding   ( 2015-12-24 )
Start thinking now for breeding success next spring.
BeefTalk: No Spirit, No Peace   ( 2015-12-17 )
Being a caregiver and providing food to sustain others is part of being a cattle producer.
BeefTalk: How Big is the Bull?   ( 2015-12-10 )
Tools such as expected progeny differences help producers buy the right bulls.
BeefTalk: With Nice Weather, Cows Still Need a Balanced Supplement   ( 2015-12-04 )
Nice winters are not the time to skimp on cow nutrition.
BeefTalk: Who Gets the Weight?   ( 2015-11-25 )
The opportunity to use nontraditional beef production methods is very real.
BeefTalk: May Calving, January Weaning   ( 2015-11-19 )
Changing from March to May calving is not simple, but it is doable.
BeefTalk: Good Cattle-working Facilities Should be a High Priority   ( 2015-11-12 )
Producers need to plan ahead for cattle-working days and invest in good, secure cattle-working facilities.
BeefTalk: Think Smart, Not More Work   ( 2015-11-05 )
Aggressive cattle producers need to continue exploring how to improve their business and performance records.
BeefTalk: Flexible Planning Starts With Practical Cow Sort Lists   ( 2015-10-29 )
Don’t join the “I wish I had sorted the cows!” club.
BeefTalk: Now is the Time to Save Feed Costs   ( 2015-10-22 )
When feed costs are too high, consider selling the higher-maintenance cows.
BeefTalk: I Don’t Feel Well Today   ( 2015-10-15 )
Producers should strive for a stress-free environment when weaning and stress-free movement of cattle in their care.
BeefTalk: I Thought I Was Doing Better Than That!   ( 2015-10-08 )
Getting a better handle on expenses involves keeping track of costs.
BeefTalk: Can Commercial Producers Afford to Sell 7-month-old Calves?   ( 2015-10-01 )
The way to maximize calf weight is knowing and controlling direct and overhead costs incurred up to weaning.
BeefTalk: Pondering Growth in the Beef Business   ( 2015-09-24 )
Weaning weight numbers imply that pounds of calf weaned off commercial cows are not increasing.
BeefTalk: Can Production Efficiency Offset Costs?   ( 2015-09-17 )
Costs are going up, production is stagnant and prices are falling.
BeefTalk: Cost of Beef Production Up 200 Percent   ( 2015-09-09 )
One of the biggest expenses is total direct and overhead costs.
BeefTalk: Grandma and Grandpa Are Worried!   ( 2015-09-03 )
Cost control is the key to long-term success in the cow-calf business.
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