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Archive of BeefTalk columns
BeefTalk: A Heads-up for a Dry Summer: Plan Forage Production Now   ( 2016-04-21 )
Take forage quality as well as quantity into account when deciding when to harvest.
BeefTalk: A Cow is Not a Cow, So Plan Now for Potential Summer Dryness   ( 2016-04-14 )
The key to managing drought is good cattle sorting and modified stocking rates.
BeefTalk: The Goal is 97 Percent Live Calves   ( 2016-04-07 )
Try for a less than 3 percent calf death loss.
BeefTalk: Are You Feeding and Keeping an Eye on the Bulls?   ( 2016-03-31 )
Bulls that are underconditioned, overconditioned, underweight and lackluster need to be dealt with now.
BeefTalk: Labor, Facilities and Equipment are Big Beef Expenses   ( 2016-03-24 )
Cow-calf producers need to work smarter, not harder.
BeefTalk: Reproductive Observations of May Calving Compared With March Calving   ( 2016-03-17 )
Shifting calving from March to May didn’t change the cow herd’s reproductive performance.
BeefTalk: Calf Growth Observations of May vs. March Calving   ( 2016-03-10 )
Changing your calving date is worth pondering.
BeefTalk: Why Would Calving Time in the Northern Plains Change?   ( 2016-03-03 )
Calving dates are more than calendar dates on the barn wall.
BeefTalk: Where are the Breeding Systems?   ( 2016-02-25 )
Have we forgotten the need for breeding systems and the benefits that a good breeding system will bring?
BeefTalk: Countercultural Beef Production   ( 2016-02-18 )
The dilemma is that traditional producers face a countercultural role.
BeefTalk: What’s in the Current Bullpen?   ( 2016-02-11 )
Finding genetics information on current and previously purchased bulls is easy.
BeefTalk: Am I Satisfied?   ( 2016-02-04 )
Saying you are happy, satisfied and content with what you’re doing is OK.
BeefTalk: Kick Some Straw and Read the Book   ( 2016-01-28 )
Genetics is a vital part of cattle production.
BeefTalk: Terminal Breed Indexes Available at Your Breed Association Website   ( 2016-01-21 )
Selection indexes can help producers buy bulls destined to sire terminal calves.
BeefTalk: Visit Your Breed Association Website for Maternal Breed Indexes   ( 2016-01-14 )
Selection indexes are valuable resources for cattle producers.
BeefTalk: Buying Bulls by the Numbers   ( 2016-01-07 )
Knowing current average expected progeny difference values for bulls is critical.
BeefTalk: Expanding Genetics and Electronic Bull Buying   ( 2015-12-31 )
The way bulls are sold is changing.
BeefTalk: Winter Solstice, Spring Breeding   ( 2015-12-24 )
Start thinking now for breeding success next spring.
BeefTalk: No Spirit, No Peace   ( 2015-12-17 )
Being a caregiver and providing food to sustain others is part of being a cattle producer.
BeefTalk: How Big is the Bull?   ( 2015-12-10 )
Tools such as expected progeny differences help producers buy the right bulls.
BeefTalk: BeefTalk: When Dry, Focus on Heifers and the Young Cows  (2018-03-22)  Cattle management during drought is about minimizing herd total weight to match the available forage while maintaining calf numbers.  FULL STORY
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Are Eggs Healthful?  (2018-03-22)  Eggs are a good source of protein and a chemical that helps with brain, nerve and, potentially, memory health.  FULL STORY
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