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BeefTalk: Roving Thoughts on a Hot Summer Day

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For many of us, the status quo is not acceptable.

By Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist

NDSU Extension Service

Some days really are made simply to do nothing, which is all right. Some would say that is a good indication that one needs to get a life, but that is not true because we all have a life.

We do need to have a life in and outside of business, but business is not life. Many would argue, but today let some roving thoughts pass.

Fayette from AgWeek called to offer tickets to a concert at the State Fair. The offer was appreciated, but I had to ask who the performer was, which is a classic symptom of overload.

For many of us, the status quo is not acceptable. There is a nagging desire to move ahead regardless of what that means.

The most certain consequence of pondering seems to be why technology didn't get implemented or why things simply don't get done. Perhaps things were done and one just didn't realize they were.

This past day started, continued and remained a damp, humid day, uncommon for southwestern North Dakota. In fact, I asked a gentleman at Burger King if this really was southwestern North Dakota. He agreed it wasn't.

When things just don't go the way they were supposed to or things are not lining up quite right, the rationale to do something new and novel diminishes.

The old, tried and proven fills the gaps and brings closure to the day, which is a good time to retreat into favored or familiar surroundings. Even then things don't always line up.

In the morning paper, columnist Tony Bender noted he doesn't always know who is alive or who is dead. Tony's comments, which are primarily true, caused me to smile. When nothing else is going your way, the raw truth can become somewhat humorous.

The speed of business does leave some people in the dust. We may lose track and need to slow down to realize our cattle or other business can leave much in the dust.

Maybe the week has been too busy. When the call came as to what DNA sample collection kits we needed for the replacement heifers, I had to put the caller on hold. Was it the hair collection kit or the tissue collection kit we needed?

I simply have not had time to digest or rethink all that was presented at the Beef Improvement Federation meeting and a roving thought of 60,000-some base pairs keeps coming up. Technology is coming faster than we can understand.

The fact remains, when lightning hit the bull the other night, all of his numerous base pairs were put out of commission. A similar fate awaited the bull that jumped the fence and successfully broke his leg.

Next was the call regarding the cow with pending foot rot. Then there was a rather blunt comment that the horses were overdue for their pedicure appointments.

In between the dead bulls, we did get a few thousand dollars on recently harvested steers. Each day that goes by is one day less likely that one of the remaining almost ready for market steers will die. Certainly not a common occurrence, but at the price of fat cattle, oh, that hurts.

Well, I'm still not sure which sample kit is needed, but I will find out. For now, it is just a slow summer day and I am going home. I hope Tony does, too, and thank you, Fayette, for thinking about us.

If there is a message to the day, tell someone how great the day is. If for no other reason, say it is because of the fact that they are who they are. Thank you.

May you find all your ear tags.

Your comments are always welcome at For more information, contact the NDBCIA Office, 1041 State Ave., Dickinson, ND 58601 or go to http://www.CHAPS2000.COM on the Internet.

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