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BeefTalk: Genetic Diversity is a Good Thing

Crossbreeding various breeds of cattle produced calves that are genetically varied. This expanded gene pool has positive benefits on calf survival, growth and subsequent reproduction as mature cattle.

Thin Cows? A Pre-breeding Nutritional Push Helps

Winter effects will vary, but for those cows that used up some conditioning during the cold winter, spring feed is critical to meet lactation needs, as well pending reproductive needs.

BeefTalk: Have a Plan to Manage Cowherd Subgroups

The point and challenge is that beef producers need to have a plan. In other words, it is the process of slowly changing stocking rates to reflect the changing plant communities in response to changing moisture supplies.

BeefTalk: Nice Weather for Calving is Priority One

Every nice spring brings the comment: “Wish I could calve all my cows now.” Of course, those springs that bring cold weather and extensive snow and slush bring more negative comments about early calving.

Beeftalk: Can Profitable Beef Operations Go Broke?

The market price of a calf minus the direct expenses of producing that calf often is stated as profit. However, that calculation is far from any indication of the financial status of a beef operation.

BeefTalk: Got the Calving Book Handy?

A calving book is a book that allows producers to write down the tag number they put in the calf to record the date of birth as close as possible.

BeefTalk: Register Those Bulls!

Even if individual animal identification numbers are not available for all the cattle in the inventory, the registration numbers available throughout the purebred business are critical and the heart of the breed association.

BeefTalk: After-the-party Blues

Those who do their homework will lessen the pains of life, but even then there are no guarantees in this business.

BeefTalk: Revising the Bull Pen

Embedding the right EPD values for the chosen traits into the herd is critical for long-term genetic success.

BeefTalk: Prepping for the Bull-buying Season

Genetic uniformity starts at home by selecting good bulls through knowledgeable and informed selection and implementing focused production goals for clear outcomes relevant to beef cattle production.

BeefTalk: We Can Do Better

Focused breeding goals, with clear outcomes relevant to the production of beef, should be at the heart of all cattle operations.

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