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Archive of BeefTalk columns
BeefTalk: I Thought I Was Doing Better Than That!   ( 2015-10-08 )
Getting a better handle on expenses involves keeping track of costs.
BeefTalk: Can Commercial Producers Afford to Sell 7-month-old Calves?   ( 2015-10-01 )
The way to maximize calf weight is knowing and controlling direct and overhead costs incurred up to weaning.
BeefTalk: Pondering Growth in the Beef Business   ( 2015-09-24 )
Weaning weight numbers imply that pounds of calf weaned off commercial cows are not increasing.
BeefTalk: Can Production Efficiency Offset Costs?   ( 2015-09-17 )
Costs are going up, production is stagnant and prices are falling.
BeefTalk: Cost of Beef Production Up 200 Percent   ( 2015-09-09 )
One of the biggest expenses is total direct and overhead costs.
BeefTalk: Grandma and Grandpa Are Worried!   ( 2015-09-03 )
Cost control is the key to long-term success in the cow-calf business.
BeefTalk: Are Cattle Records Worth the Effort?   ( 2015-08-27 )
Appraising genetic and managerial inputs is critical to ranch management.
BeefTalk: Another Great School Year Begins   ( 2015-08-20 )
The integration of knowledge from one generation to the next can be difficult in the beef industry.
BeefTalk: Blue Moons and Summer Blues   ( 2015-08-13 )
The current low grain prices and ample forage availability can make beef industry expansion a reality.
BeefTalk: Grazing: Setting the Base Stocking Rate   ( 2015-08-06 )
Once the weighted stocking rate average is calculated, producers can begin stocking at the right number.
BeefTalk: Grazing Systems Combine MLRAs and Ecological Sites   ( 2015-07-30 )
Grazing systems are dependent on location and available feed.
BeefTalk: Grazing Systems are Major Land Resource Areas   ( 2015-07-23 )
A ranch’s profitability and sustainability are based on understanding grazing systems.
BeefTalk: Understanding Grazing Systems is Not Easy   ( 2015-07-16 )
Start with the concept of “take half, leave half” when setting up a grazing system.
BeefTalk: Pounds, Efficiency, Quality   ( 2015-07-09 )
Pounds, efficiency and quality are important components of the beef business.
BeefTalk: Pounds of Calf Weaned per Acre   ( 2015-07-01 )
The pounds of calf weaned per acre is key to the evaluation of any cattle system.
BeefTalk: May Calving is Productive   ( 2015-06-25 )
May calving is enjoyable, manageable and workable.
BeefTalk: Summer Safety for the Farm and Ranch   ( 2015-06-18 )
Visitors may not be aware of the dangers on the farm or ranch.
BeefTalk: Parasites, the Unwanted Guest   ( 2015-06-11 )
Be on the lookout for parasites this year.
BeefTalk: Biosecurity Confessions   ( 2015-06-04 )
I must confess some consternation with this expectation of restrictions such as protective boots and clothing and bottles of disinfectant.
BeefTalk: Cow Size and Success in the Beef Business   ( 2015-05-28 )
Coffee discussions tend to assume an answer quickly, but the reality is much more difficult and complicated.
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BeefTalk: BeefTalk: I Thought I Was Doing Better Than That!  (2015-10-08)  Getting a better handle on expenses involves keeping track of costs.  FULL STORY
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