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N.D. State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show Winners Announced

Youth had their rabbits evaluated on conformation and size.

The 4-H Rabbit Show was held Wednesday, July 23, at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot. Corey Hayes, Oneida, N.Y., was the judge for the show. Youth had their rabbits evaluated on conformation and size.

The winner are listed below by breed:

  • Best of Show Female - Mikaela Cofield, Jamestown
  • Best of Show Male - Hannah Remington, Minot
  • Senior Showmanship (ages 15 to 18) - champion, Zach Gebeke, Arthur; reserve champion, Kara Scheresky, Des Lacs
  • Intermediate Showmanship (ages 12 to 14) - champion, Hannah Remington, Minot; reserve champion, Kaylena Castaneda, Berthold
  • Junior Showmanship (ages 8 to 11) - champion, Calli Barnick, Cando; reserve champion, Makayla Brew, Manning
  • American Fuzzy Lop - champion, Makayla Brew, Manning
  • Champagne d'Argent - champion and reserve champion, Makayla Brew, Manning
  • Dutch - champion - Hannah Blair, Berthold; reserve champion, Robert Norman, Grenora
  • English Spot - champion, Hannah Remington, Minot
  • French Lop - champion, Mikaela Cofield, Jamestown; reserve champion, Hannah Remington, Minot
  • Flemish Giant - champion and reserve champion, Hannah Remington, Minot
  • Havana - champion, Nina Costa, Bottineau; reserve champion, Bradlee Kraft, Glen Ullin
  • Himalayan - champion and reserve champion, Hannah Remington, Minot
  • Holland Lop - champion and reserve champion, Morgan Rolfsrud, Watford City
  • Jersey Wooly - champion, Zach Gebeke, Arthur
  • Lion Head - champion, Wyatt Dunlop, Rolla
  • Mini Lop - champion, Kara Scheresky, Des Lacs; reserve champion, Aubrey Borneman, Center
  • Mini Rex - champion, Lauren Gust, Kramer; reserve champion, Hannah Remington, Minot
  • Netherland Dwarf - champion, Kylee Grabow, Hazen; reserve champion, Lauren Gust, Kramer
  • Polish - champion, Lily Obert, Stanley; reserve champion, Calli Barnick, Cando
  • Rex - champion, Kassidy Kraft, Glen Ullin
  • Rhinelander - champion, Wyatt Dunlop, Rolla
  • Satin - champion, Savannah Peters, Glenburn; reserve champion, Makayla Brew, Manning
  • Mini Satin - champion, Shauna Fetch, Sykeston
  • Pen of Three - champion, Calli Barnick, Cando; reserve champion, Kassidy Kraft, Glen Ullin
  • Pet Rabbit - champion, Kaden Korgel, Minot; reserve champion, Reanna Schmidt, Center

The winners also are listed below by county:


  • Lauren Gust, Kramer, champion, Mini Rex; reserve champion, Netherland Dwarf
  • Nina Costa, Bottineau, champion, Havana


  • Zach Gebeke, Arthur, champion, Senior Showmanship; champion, Jersey Wooly


  • Makayla Brew, Manning, champion, American Fuzzy Lop; champion and reserve champion, Champagne d'Argent; reserve champion, Junior Showmanship; reserve champion, Satin


  • Calli Barnick, Cando, champion, Junior Showmanahip; champion, Pen of Three; reserve champion, Polish


  • Morgan Rolfsrud, Watford City, champion and reserve champion, Holland Lop


  • Kylee Grabow, Hazen, champion, Netherland Dwarf
  • Bradlee Kraft, Glen Ullin, reserve champion, Havana
  • Kassidy Kraft, Glen Ullin, champion, Rex; reserve champion, Pen of Three


  • Aubrey Borneman, Center, reserve champion, Mini Lop


  • Lily Obert, Stanley, champion, Polish


  • Reanna Schmidt, Center, reserve champion, Pet Rabbit


  • Wyatt Dunlop, Rolla, champion, Lion Head; champion, Rhinelander


  • Mikaela Cofield, Jamestown, champion, Best of Show; champion, French Lop


  • Hannah Blair, Berthold, champion, Dutch
  • Kaylena Castaneda, Berthold, reserve champion, Intermediate Showmanship
  • Hannah Remington, Minot, champion, Intermediate Showmanship, champion and reserve champion, Flemish Giant; champion, English Spot; reserve champion, Best of Show; reserve champion, French Lop; reserve champion Himalayan; reserve champion, Mini Rex
  • Kaden Korgel, Minot, champion, Pet Rabbit
  • Savannah Peters, Glenburn, champion, Satin
  • Kara Scheresky, Des Lacs, champion, Mini Lop; reserve champion, Senior Showmanship


  • Shauna Fetch, Sykeston, champion, Mini Satin


  • Robert Norman, Grenora, reserve champion, Dutch

For more information, contact your county office of the NDSU Extension Service. Photos and cutlines may be available at Check your email for the username and password to access this site.

NDSU Agriculture Communication - July 25, 2014

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