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N.D. State Fair 4-H Beef Show Winners Named

Entries for this show included 92 heifers and 34 steers.

Youth from throughout the state competed in the 4-H Beef Show at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot on Thursday, July 24. Entries included 92 heifers and 34 steers.

In addition, the youth participated in senior, intermediate and junior divisions of showmanship. Hyatt Frobose, Manhattan, Kan., was the judge for the show.

The winners are listed by division below:

  • Senior Showmanship (ages 15 to 18) - champion, Haley Anderson, Milnor; reserve champion, Garrett Becker, Minot
  • Intermediate Showmanship (ages 12 to 14) - champion, Kaitlin Geyer, Lisbon; reserve champion, LaMae Turk-Walton, Jamestown
  • Junior Showmanship (ages 8 to 11) - champion, Kendra Myers, Kathryn; reserve champion, Aspen Hennessy, Des Lacs
  • Market Steer - champion, Lacey Schmitz, Oakes; reserve champion, McKenzie Dockter, Medina
  • Supreme Overall Heifer - champion, Shelby Hennessy, Des Lacs; reserve champion, Riley Schaefer, Des Lacs
  • Supreme Cow-Calf Pair - champion, Caleb Mehlhoff, Arena; reserve champion Shae Lynn Johnson, Luverne

Breed Show

  • Angus - champion, Garrett Becker, Minot; reserve champion, Conner Wendel, Carrington
  • Charolais - champion, Whitney Holen, Upham
  • Chi Maine - champion, Addison Magill, Verona
  • Gelbveih - champion, Kyle Schulte, Hebron
  • Hereford - champion, Shane Giedd, Washburn; reserve champion, Thomas Schauer, Carpio
  • Lim-Flex - champion, Shelby Hennessy, Des Lacs; reserve champion, Jamie Lundquist, Hampden
  • Loala - champion and reserve champion, Sam Peterson, Mandan
  • Maine Anjou - champion, Lynsey Schmitz, Oakes
  • Red Angus - champion, Riley Lodoen, Westhope; reserve champion, Corey Schafer, New Rockford
  • Salers - champion, Madilyn Berg, Douglas; reserve champion Kaitlyn Berg, Douglas
  • Shorthorn – champion and reserve champion, Codee Gilbertson, Sherwood
  • SimAngus - champion, Haley Anderson, Milnor; reserve champion Trey Klain, Ruso
  • Simmental Bull Calf - champion, Shae Lynn Johnson, Luverne
  • Simmental - champion, Riley Schaefer, Des Lacs; reserve champion, Kelsey Marschke, Alice
  • Commercial - champion, Katrina Vachal, Valley City; reserve champion, Jamie Lundquist, Hampden

Steer Show

  • Market Steers Class 1 (1,090 to 1,150 pounds) - champion, MaKayla Koski, Wing; reserve champion, Callie Loftsgard, Beach
  • Market Steers Class 2 (1,180 to 1,230 pounds) - champion, Corey Schafer, New Rockford; reserve champion Gracie Blaser, Bowman
  • Market Steers Class 3 (1,175 to 1,234 pounds) - champion, Dakotah Aaseth, Velva; reserve champion, Cade Erickson, Bismarck
  • Market Steers Class 4 (1,285 to 1,310 pounds) - champion, McKenzie Dockter, Medina; reserve champion, LaMae Turk-Walton, Jamestown
  • Market Steers Class 5 (1,345 to 1,415 pounds) - champion, Lacey Schmitz, Oakes; reserve champion, Kayla Schaefer, Des Lacs

The winners also are listed below by county with name, hometown and placing:


  • Katrina Vachal, Valley City, champion, Commercial


  • Riley Lodoen, Westhope, champion, Red Angus


  • Gracie Blaser, Bowman, reserve champion, Market Steers Class 2


  • MaKayla Koski, Wing, champion, Market Steers Class 1
  • Caleb Mehlhoff, Arena, champion, Supreme Cow-Calf Pair


  • Kelsey Marschke, Alice, reserve champion, Simmental


  • Jamie Lundquist, Hampden, reserve champion, Lim-Flex; reserve champion, Commercial


  • Lacey Schmitz, Oakes, champion, Market Steer; champion, Market Steers Class 5
  • Lynsey Schmitz, Oakes, champion, Maine Anjou


  • Corey Schafer, New Rockford, champion, Market Steers Class 2


  • Conner Wendel, Carrington, reserve champion, Angus

Golden Valley

  • Callie Loftsgard, Beach, reserve champion, Market Steers Class 1


  • Shae Lynn Johnson, Luverne, champion, Simmental Bull Calf; reserve champion, Supreme Cow-Calf Pair


  • Dakotah Aaseth, Velva, champion, Market Steers Class
  • Whitney Holen, Upham, champion, Charolais


  • Shane Giedd, Washburn, champion, Hereford
  • Trey Klain, Ruso, reserve champion, SimAngus


  • Sam Peterson, Mandan, champion and reserve champion, Loala


  • Cade Erickson, Bismarck, reserve champion, Market Steers Class 3


  • Haley Anderson, Milnor, champion, Senior Showmanship; champion, SimAngus
  • Kaitlin Geyer, Lisbon, champion, Intermediate Showmanship
  • Addison Magill, Verona, champion, Chi Maine
  • Kendra Myers, Kathryn, champion, Junior Showmanship


  • Codee Gilbertson, Sherwood, champion and reserve champion, Shorthorn

Stark Billings

  • Kyle Schulte, Hebron, champion, Gelbveih


  • McKenzie Dockter, Medina, reserve champion, Market Steers Class 4; reserve champion, Market Steer
  • LaMae Turk-Walton, Jamestown, reserve champion, Intermediate Showmanship; reserve champion, Market Steers Class 4


  • Garrett Becker, Minot, champion, Angus; reserve champion, Senior Showmanship
  • Kaitlyn Berg, Douglas, reserve champion, Salers
  • Madilyn Berg, Douglas, champion, Salers
  • Aspen Hennessy, Des Lacs, reserve champion, Junior Showmanship
  • Shelby Hennessy, Des Lacs, champion, Lim-Flex; champion, Supreme Overall Heifer
  • Kayla Schaefer, Des Lacs, reserve champion, Market Steers Class 5
  • Riley Schaefer, Des Lacs, champion, Simmental; reserve champion, Supreme Overall Heifer
  • Corey Schafer, New Rockford, reserve champion, Red Angus
  • Thomas Schauer, Carpio, reserve champion, Hereford

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NDSU Agriculture Communication - July 25, 2014

Source:Dean Aakre, (701) 852-4974,
Writer:Jackie Buckley, (701) 391-7113,
Editor:Ellen Crawford, (701) 231-5391,
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