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4-H’ers Win Awards in Project Expo, Fashion Review at N.D. State Fair

Youth receive awards of excellence for their displays and garments.

About 120 youth participated in this year’s 4-H Project Expo and Clothing Revue at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot. These events were held Monday, July 21.

Project Expo consists of a display showing the results of study or how to do something. The participants stay with the display to explain their work.

Clothing Revue is a show of sewn, purchased or decorated garments. Participants have their work and selection evaluated, and model the garments in a public clothing revue.

Youth receiving an award of excellence are listed by division:

Teen Project Expo

  • Job Bachmeier, Granville
  • Kelsey Hibl, Dickinson
  • Ryan Janish, Fingal
  • Beatrice Kjelland, Park River
  • Hannah LaGier, Mapleton
  • Greg Lahlum, Marion
  • Allison Smith, Mandan
  • Summer Steinwand, Ellendale
  • Morgan Well, Jamestown

Preteen Project Expo

  • Raquel Bata, Langdon
  • Ella Erickstad, Horace
  • Lindsay Galbreath, Enderlin
  • Kolton Harvey, Minot Air Force Base
  • Annika Hendrickson, Mandan
  • Lance Kjellberg, Ypsilanti
  • Ella Leidy, Wilton
  • Dalyce Leslie, Deering
  • Jacob Littlefield, New Town
  • Kaynen Malec, Valley City
  • Seth Nelson, Grafton
  • Maddie Robinson, Fargo
  • Sydney Tastad, Rolette

Teen Buy and Show

  • Kelsey Hibl, Dickinson
  • Wesley Kemp, Cavalier
  • Kaitlyn Nelson, Grafton
  • Justice Weigel, Minot

Preteen Buy and Show

  • Joslin Forness, West Fargo

Teen Sew and Show

  • Eva Lahlum, LaMoure

Preteen Sew and Show

  • Alison Bugner, Davenport
  • Morgan Palmer, Portland
  • Emma Schroeder, Oriska

Teen Decorate Your Duds

  • Lauryn Hinckley, Bismarck
  • Beatrice Kjelland, Park River

Preteen Decorate Your Duds

  • Carissa Anderson, Bismarck
  • Y'anniD Baum-Green, Grand Forks
  • Mary Goroski, Wahpeton
  • Maddie, Robinson, Fargo

Youth receiving awards of excellence also are listed below by county:


  • Ryan Janish, Fingal, Teen Project Expo
  • Kaynen Malec, Valley City, Preteen Project Expo
  • Emma Schroeder, Oriska, Preteen Sew and Show


  • Carissa Anderson, Bismarck, Preteen Decorate Your Duds


  • Alison Bugner, Davenport, Preteen Sew and Show
  • Ella Erickstad, Horace, Preteen Project Expo
  • Joslin Forness, West Fargo, Preteen Buy and Show
  • Hannah LaGier, Mapleton, Teen Project Expo
  • Maddie Robinson, Fargo, Preteen Project Expo and Preteen Decorate Your Duds


  • Raquel Bata, Langdon, Preteen Project Expo


  • Summer Steinwand, Ellendale, Teen Project Expo

Grand Forks

  • Y'anniD Baum-Green, Grand Forks, Preteen Decorate Your Duds
  • Morgan Palmer, Portland, Preteen Sew and Show


  • Greg Lahlum, Marion, Teen Project Expo
  • Eva Lahlum, LaMoure, Teen Sew and Show


  • Job Bachmeier, Granville, Teen Project Expo


  • Ella Leidy, Wilton, Preteen Project Expo


  • Annika Hendrickson, Mandan, Preteen Project Expo
  • Lauryn Hinckley, Bismarck, Teen Decorate Your Duds
  • Allison Smith, Mandan, Teen Project Expo


  • Jacob Littlefield, New Town, Preteen Project Expo


  • Wesley Kemp, Cavalier, Teen Buy and Show


  • Lindsay Galbreath, Enderlin, Preteen Project Expo


  • Mary Goroski, Wahpeton, Preteen Decorate Your Duds


  • Sydney Tastad, Rolette, Preteen Project Expo

Stark Billings

  • Kelsey Hibl, Dickinson, Teen Project Expo and Teen Buy and Show


  • Lance Kjellberg, Ypsilanti, Preteen Project Expo
  • Morgan Well, Jamestown, Teen Project Expo


  • Beatrice Kjelland, Park River, Teen Project Expo and Teen Decorate Your Duds
  • Kaitlyn Nelson, Grafton, Teen Buy and Show
  • Seth Nelson, Grafton, Preteen Project Expo


  • Kolton Harvey, Minot Air Force Base, Preteen Project
  • Dalyce Leslie, Deering, Preteen Project Expo
  • Justice Weigel, Minot, Teen Buy and Show

For more information, contact your county office of the NDSU Extension Service. Photos and cutlines may be available at Check your email for the username and password to access this site.

NDSU Agriculture Communication - July 24, 2014

Source:Dean Aakre, (701) 852-4974,
Writer:Jackie Buckley, (701) 391-7113,
Editor:Ellen Crawford, (701) 231-5391,
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