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4-H’ers Receive Awards for Static Exhibits at N.D. State Fair

Youth bring home awards from the 4-H Static Exhibits event at the State Fair.

4-H static exhibits were awarded champion and reserve champion honors at the North Dakota State Fair.

The 7,301 exhibits included food, photography, technology and welding projects. Exhibitors from 48 counties participated in the event. The exhibits will remain on display until the end of the fair July 26.

The winners are listed by county with name, hometown and placing.


  • Elisabeth Borg, Valley City, reserve champion, Photography
  • Shannon Bryn, Dazey, reserve champion, Latch Hooking
  • Robert Fischer, Valley City, champion, Small Engines
  • Chelsey Olauson, Valley City, champion, Forestry; reserve champion, Outdoor Eating; reserve champion, Embroidery
  • Kassidy Olsen, Sanborn, champion, Food Preservation; reserve champion, Forestry
  • Bethany Reitan, Kathryn, reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware
  • Caitlin Reitan, Kathryn, champion, Clowning
  • Grace Scherr, Valley City, reserve champion, Muffins
  • Mariah Schroeder, Oriska, champion, Potatoes
  • Emma Tichy, Tower City, champion, Photography


  • Nina Costa, Bottineau, reserve champion, Environment


  • Bo Thingvold, Columbus, reserve champion, Planter
  • Russell Wold, Battleview, champion, Wildlife
  • Thomas Wold, Battleview, reserve champion, Shooting Sports


  • Jena Anderson, Bismarck, champion, Crop Production
  • Kierra Anderson, Bismarck, reserve champion, Crop Production
  • Tanner Carlson, Baldwin, reserve champion, Food Preservation
  • Nicole Fornshell, Bismarck, champion, Planter
  • Taylor Morrison, Bismarck, reserve champion, Macrame
  • MiKayla Pfaff, Bismarck, champion, Macrame


  • Astrid Axtman, Fargo, reserve champion, Fiber Arts
  • Linnea Axtman, Fargo, champion, Drawing and Painting
  • Philip Bruno, Horace, reserve champion, Sport Fishing
  • Alison Bugner, Davenport, champion, Embroidery
  • Grace Fluge, Fargo, champion, Shooting Sports
  • Caeden Francis, Casselton, champion, General Science
  • Cody Freitag, Walcott, champion, Welding and Metal Arts
  • Morgan Haugen, Horace, champion, Needlepoint; champion, Clothing and Textiles
  • Katie Kempel, Casselton, reserve champion, Macrame
  • Elyce Kinzer, Fargo, reserve champion, Photography
  • Tayler Kopiec, Moorhead, Minn., reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware
  • Hailey Metcalfe, Fargo, reserve champion, Photography
  • Brianna Mohs, Horace, reserve champion, Child Development
  • Derek Phelps, Fargo, champion, Outdoor Skills
  • Grace Robinson, Fargo, champion, Food Display; reserve champion, Food Display
  • Maddie Robinson, Fargo, reserve champion, Clothing and Textiles
  • Anna Skarphol, Fargo, champion, Clothing and Textiles
  • Lahni Stachler, Kindred, champion, Food Display; champion, Outdoor Eating
  • Ellie Swanson, Arthur, champion, Macrame
  • Bethany Teets, West Fargo, reserve champion, Cross-stitch
  • Nathaniel Walden, Argusville, champion, Welding and Metal Arts


  • Lexi Bata, Langdon, champion, Muffins
  • Raquel Bata, Langdon, champion, Photography; reserve champion, Clothing and Textiles
  • Javan Krahn, Langdon, reserve champion, Money Management; reserve champion, Child Development
  • Tasha Krahn, Langdon, reserve champion, Leadership
  • Jiry Rosencrans, Edmore, reserve champion, Money Management


  • Reed Wendel, LaMoure, champion, Clothing and Textiles
  • Rose Wendel, LaMoure, reserve champion, Clothing and Textiles


  • Rider Jacobson, Noonan, reserve champion, Do Your Own Thing


  • Makayla Brew, Manning, reserve champion, Welding and Metal Arts


  • Gretchen Berglund, New Rockford, champion, Arranging Flowers
  • Nathan Holzwarth, New Rockford, champion, Technology
  • Elizabeth Lee, Grace City, reserve champion, Onions
  • Justin Lee, Grace City, champion, Crop Production
  • Tyler Lee, Grace City, champion, Onions; reserve champion, Crop Production
  • Dylan Rue, Sheyenne, reserve champion, Glue Solution


  • Riley Richter, Linton, champion, Woodworking


  • Adam Gorseth, Cathay, champion, Latch Hooking
  • Abigail Guthmiller, Carrington, champion, Planter
  • Destiny Morley, Carrington, champion, Consumerism
  • Connal Murphy, Carrington, champion, Small Engines
  • Sean Nichols, Sykeston, reserve champion, Planter

Fort Berthold

  • Tehya Bird, Garrison, reserve champion, Creative and Performing Arts

Grand Forks

  • Marie Kraemer, Grand Forks, champion, Communications
  • Joseph Martin, Emerado, champion, Advanced Visual Arts


  • Sammy Dart, Elgin, champion, Advanced Visual Arts
  • Darbee Heinle, Flasher, champion, Scrapbooking
  • Laura Muggli, Carson, champion, Careers


  • Tanner Haugen, Hannaford, reserve champion, Crop Production
  • Cassidy Hoyt, McHenry, champion, Extras for Your Room


  • Emily Ehlis, New England, champion, Photography
  • Teddy Mayer, Mott, champion, Consumerism


  • Allison Galbreath, Steele, champion, Photography
  • Mason Hill, Steele, reserve champion, Photography
  • Kacey Koester, Steele, reserve champion, Vet Science; reserve champion, Photography
  • Lucas Subart, Robinson, reserve champion, Cookies
  • Elydia Symens, Bismarck, champion, Fiber Arts; reserve champion, Arranging Flowers


  • Gregory Lahlum, Marion, champion, Aerospace; champion, Peas
  • Zachary Lahlum, Marion, champion, Potatoes; reserve champion, Aerospace


  • Charmaine Haas, Napoleon, champion, Citizenship


  • Job Bachmeier, Granville, reserve champion, Peas
  • Will Bachmeier, Granville, champion, Beets
  • Laurae Beaudrie, Velva, champion, Photography
  • Caleb Cross, Granville, champion, Crop Production
  • Kathryn Dragseth, Towner, champion, Photography
  • Wyatt Schapp, Granville, champion, Cookies; reserve champion, Technology
  • Shayden Schiele, Balfour, champion, Crop Production
  • Alex Volochenko, Kief, champion, Planter


  • Damian Clements, Ashley, champion, Money Management
  • Adam Wolf, Wishek, champion, Entomology


  • Sydney Faller, Arnegard, champion, Crochet; reserve champion, Crochet
  • Morgan Rolfsrud, Watford City, champion, Bars
  • Madison Spacher, Watford City, reserve champion, Cut Flowers
  • Corynna Turnquist, Alexander, champion, Clothing and Textiles


  • Kimberly Kolden, Ryder, reserve champion, Fruit Bread
  • Ella Leidy, Wilton, champion, Glue Solution
  • Cade Majeres, Garrison, champion, Crop Production
  • Cassidee Sayler, Garrison, champion, Scrapbooking
  • Holly Scheetz, Hensler, reserve champion, Planter
  • Cassidy Sommers, Washburn, champion, Cake
  • Abby Tweeten, Washburn, champion, Crop Production; champion, Baking and Cooking
  • Jakob Vanderwal, Washburn, champion, Bars
  • Jordan Waldren, Washburn, champion, Microwave Magic
  • Mikaela Woodruff, Garrison, champion, Clothing and Textiles; reserve champion, Horse
  • Allyson Youngs, Garrison, reserve champion, Photography; reserve champion, Microwave Magic
  • Katelyn Youngs, Garrison, champion, Pie


  • Devin Askim, Beulah, champion, Potted Plant
  • Kayla Gierke, Beulah, reserve champion, Citizenship
  • Sean Gierke, Beulah, champion, Health; champion, Communications
  • Lucy Pulver, Hazen, reserve champion, Fruit Bread
  • Autumn Reichenberg, Hazen, champion, Planter
  • Eric Woods, Beulah, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting


  • Aubrey Borneman, Center, reserve champion, Planter
  • Jacob Ellingson, Bismarck, champion, Shooting Sports; champion, Welding; champion, Photography
  • Jessica Fleck, Mandan, champion, Leather Craft
  • Lauryn Hinckley, Bismarck, champion, Citizenship; champion, Leadership
  • Tanner Lind, Mandan, champion, Drawing and Painting
  • Sophie Link, Mandan, reserve champion, Extras for Your Room
  • Jenna Thompson, Mandan, reserve champion, Woodworking


  • Miriah Billadeau, Raub, reserve champion, Crop Production
  • Shaylee Billadeau, Raub, champion, Cut Flowers; champion, Crop Production; reserve champion, Planter; reserve champion, Photography
  • Calli Hennessy, Stanley, champion, Leather Craft
  • Bradyn Lenning, Plaza, champion, Tree House
  • Danny Littlefield, New Town, reserve champion, Crop Production
  • Jacob Littlefield, New Town, champion, Photography
  • Jace Ruud, Ross, reserve champion, Leather Craft
  • Ashton Smith, Stanley, champion, Technology
  • Jocelyn Vachal, Ross, reserve champion, Glue Solution


  • Paige Haakenson, Aneta, champion, Food Preservation
  • Calder Nelson, Lakota, reserve champion, Photography
  • Savannah Syverson, Aneta, champion, Photography; champion, Photography


  • Reanna Schmidt, Center, champion, Cookies


  • Alyssa Kemp, Cavalier, reserve champion, Photography
  • Kaylee Kemp, Cavalier, reserve champion, General Science
  • Katelyn Sott, Hensel, reserve champion, Communications


  • Amber Jaeger, Esmond, reserve champion, General Science


  • Macy Schneider, Brocket, reserve champion, Wood Arts
  • Peter Wang, Devils Lake, reserve champion, Welding


  • Elizabeth Perleberg, Fort Ransom, champion, Knitting; champion, Clay and Plasterware; reserve champion, Knitting
  • Lane Perleberg, Fort Ransom, reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware


  • Shannon Asheim, Mohall, reserve champion, Do Your Own Thing
  • Audrey Gilbraith, Glenburn, reserve champion, Drawing and Painting
  • Emily Miller, Glenburn, champion, Clothing and Textiles; champion, Cross-stitch; reserve champion, Crochet
  • Sarah Miller, Glenburn, champion, Theater Arts; champion, Crochet; champion, Entomology
  • Lily Solemsaas, Sherwood, reserve champion, Cookies
  • Madeline Solemsaas, Sherwood, reserve champion, Baking and Cooking
  • Cassandra Voigt, Mohall, reserve champion, Cut Flowers


  • Ana Braaten, Barney, champion, Photography
  • Evan Braaten, Barney, champion, Photography; reserve champion, Photography; reserve champion, Scrapbooking
  • Allison Haverland, Walcott, champion, Photography
  • Lauryn Hibl, Wahpeton, champion, Glue Solution; champion, Child Development
  • Emily Lothspeich, Wyndmere, champion, Vet Science
  • Anne Manstrom, Wyndmere, champion, Knitting
  • Jamie Wahler, Barney, reserve champion, Small Engines


  • Emma Arstein, Rolette, champion, Pie
  • Claire Brien, Rolla, reserve champion, Clothing and Textiles


  • Baleigh Ripplinger, McClusky, reserve champion, Crop Production


  • Emma Dazell, Dickinson, reserve champion, Bars; reserve champion, Scrapbooking
  • Skyler Dockter, Dickinson, champion, Creative Performing Arts
  • Truman Hamburger, Richardton, champion, Leadership
  • Kelsey Hibl, Dickinson, champion, Photography
  • Mason Messer, Dickinson, champion, Welding
  • Stetson Pederson, Dickinson, reserve champion, Arranging Flowers


  • Mara Fugelstad, Hope, champion, Environment
  • Lilly Nahnsen, Finley, champion, Pets


  • Megan Brown, Jamestown, reserve champion, Food Preservation
  • Mikaele Cofield, Jamestown, reserve champion, Citizenship; reserve champion, Communications
  • Bayley Hochhalter, Buchanan, reserve champion, Outdoor Skills
  • Alex Irlmeier, Medina, reserve champion, Welding
  • Lance Kjellberg, Ypsilanti, reserve champion, Entomology
  • Seth Kjellberg, Ypsilanti, reserve champion, Entomology
  • Samantha Schmoker, Pingree, reserve champion, Welding and Metal Arts
  • Morgan Well, Jamestown, reserve champion, Crop Production


  • Mikenzie Elliott, Clifford, champion, Crop Production
  • Megan Johnson, Galesburg, champion, Careers
  • Julia Kohls, Mayville, reserve champion, Creative and Performing Arts
  • Abigail Mueller, Cummings, reserve champion, Scrapbooking
  • Hannah Mueller, Cummings, reserve champion, Crop Production
  • Annika Rotvold, Hillsboro, champion, Health; reserve champion, Careers
  • Taylyn Thompson, Portland, champion, Wood Arts; reserve champion, Extras for Your Room
  • Rachel Wright, Hillsboro, champion, Extras for Your Room


  • Bailey Beneda, Lankin, champion, Embroidery
  • Sara Hodek, Fairdale, champion, Welding
  • Katia Kjelland, Park River, reserve champion, Fiber Arts
  • Kaitlyn Nelson, Grafton, champion, Fiber Arts; reserve champion, Consumerism
  • Eva Sobak, Fairdale, champion, Creative and Performing Arts
  • Andrew Ternquist, Michigan, champion, Do Your Own Thing
  • Abigail Zikmund, Pisek, reserve champion, Health
  • Emily Zikmund, Pisek, champion, Child Development
  • Jonah Zikmund, Pisek, reserve champion, Food Displays; reserve champion, Forestry
  • Tobias Zikmund, Pisek, reserve champion, Leadership


  • Julia Beck, Minot, champion, Scrapbooking; champion, Clay and Plasterware
  • Jaryn Bennett, Minot, reserve champion, Shooting Sports
  • Madilyn Berg, Douglas, champion, Clay and Plasterware
  • Madison Cooper, Douglas, reserve champion, Poultry
  • Conner Dyke, Surrey, champion, Sport Fishing
  • Dalton Hauf, Max, reserve champion, Clay and Plasterware
  • Jessi Johnson, Carpio, champion, Glue Solution
  • Tucker Johnson, Berthold, champion, Planter; champion, Cut Flowers
  • Mason Kraft, Minot, reserve champion, Tomatoes; reserve champion, Planter
  • Dalyce Leslie, Deering, champion, Forestry
  • Jericho Limke, Carpio, champion, Poultry
  • Wyatt Limke, Carpio, champion; General Science
  • Haylee Rustad, Roseglen, champion, Cut Flowers; champion, Arranging Flowers; champion, Outdoor Eating
  • Ben Scheresky, Max, reserve champion, Electricity
  • David Scheresky, Des Lacs, champion, Electricity
  • Samuel Smith, Minot, champion, Wood Arts
  • Daniel Starks, Ryder, champion, Do Your Own Thing
  • Kayla VoVilla, Minot, reserve champion, Photography


  • Brianna Fike, Chaseley, champion, Glue Solution
  • Brian Friedt, Harvey, reserve champion, Technology
  • Megan Jones, Bowdon, champion, Rolls or Bread Sticks


  • Rachel Anfinson, Williston, champion, Rolls or Bread Sticks
  • Kaleb Cornell, Williston, reserve champion, Woodworking
  • Lorin Gabbert, Williston, champion, Woodworking
  • Hannah Johnson, Grenora, reserve champion, Wood Arts
  • Logan Jorgenson, Grenora, champion, Clay and Plasterware
  • Walker Lee, Williston, reserve champion, Bars
  • Robert Norman, Grenora, champion, Electricity
  • Emily Richter, Williston, champion, Money Management
  • Katie Sperling, Williston, reserve champion, Leather Craft

For more information, contact your county office of the NDSU Extension Service. Photos and cutlines may be available at Check your email for the username and password to access this site.

NDSU Agriculture Communication - July 22, 2014

Source:Dean Aakre, (701) 852-4974,
Writer:Jackie Buckley, (701) 391-7113,
Editor:Ellen Crawford, (701) 231-5391,
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