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Prairie Fare: Video Games Offer Challenges   ( 2007-06-14 )
Researchers have studied the role of video games as it relates to many areas of mental and physical health.
Experts Recommend Fungicide Application for Scab Suppression   ( 2007-06-14 )
Wet weather across North Dakota could cause a scab (Fusarium head blight) problem for wheat and barley producers.
Field Day Set for July 11 at NDSU's Dickinson Research Extension Center   ( 2007-06-14 )
NDSU's Dickinson Research Extension Center sets July 11 for annual field day.
NDSU Researchers Study Grasses for Biofuels   ( 2007-06-07 )
Researchers at NDSU’s Central Grasslands Research Extension Center are studying which perennial grasses might make the best biomass for energy production.
Be on the Lookout for Blue-green Algae   ( 2007-06-07 )
Producers need to watch for the development of blue-green algae on livestock water supplies.
Take Steps to Prevent Rabies   ( 2007-06-07 )
The NDSU Extension veterinarian is urging people to protect themselves and their animals against rabies.
NDSU Potato Blightline Open   ( 2007-06-06 )
The NDSU Plant Pathology Department is providing a potato blightline service at no charge.
North Dakota's Population Sees Slight Growth Despite Net Out-migration   ( 2007-06-06 )
As of July 1, 2006, the state's population totaled 635,867, an increase of 1,262 people since July 1, 2005.
Prairie Fare: Ponder the Lore of the Fruit of the Season   ( 2007-06-06 )
Since ancient times, strawberries have been promoted for their healing properties.
Hortiscope   ( 2007-06-06 )
Ron Smith answers reader's questions about the world of plants and gardening.
BeefTalk: Mushrooms - Success is in the Details   ( 2007-06-06 )
In beef production, as in most businesses, the "success is in the details."
eXtension Provides Solutions to Wildlife Damage Through Launch of Web Site   ( 2007-06-06 )
The eXtension Wildlife Damage Management Web site puts information on consumers’ computer screens.
RLND Seeking Applicants for 2007-09 Class   ( 2007-06-02 )
The deadline to apply or nominate someone for the 2007-09 Rural Leadership North Dakota program is July 1.
BeefTalk: Herd Nutrition is the Foundation of the Cow Herd   ( 2007-05-31 )
It is important to understand that just having feed doesn't mean success.
NDSU Agronomist Offers Advice on Replanting Small Grains and Corn   ( 2007-05-31 )
What to do with fields with poor plant populations is an urgent question now that all of the plants that are going to emerge have done so.
Fungicide Resistance Leads to New Management Recommendations in Chickpea.   ( 2007-05-31 )
Studies have led researchers at NDSU to recommend that strobilurin fungicides not be used on chickpea in North Dakota in 2007.
NDSU President to Lead Conversations Across the Land Tour   ( 2007-05-31 )
NDSU President Joseph Chapman will travel the state this summer to lead a "Conversations Across the Land" tour.
Hortiscope   ( 2007-05-31 )
Ron Smith answers reader's questions about the world of plants and gardening.
Prairie Fare: Focus on the Sunshine Vitamin   ( 2007-05-31 )
Getting a little sun, but not too much, has potential health benefits.
Water Quality Can Affect Livestock Weight Gain   ( 2007-05-31 )
Studies indicate water quality is tied to forage consumption in livestock, which has an impact on weight gain.
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