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BeefTalk: Someone You Should Get To Know – Your Waste Management Professional   ( 2007-03-22 )
Revenue and profit are two different things.
Second Web Seminar Set on Variable-rate Fertilizer Application   ( 2007-03-22 )
A Web seminar on variable-rate fertilizer application is scheduled for April 4 from 9 to 11 a.m. CDT.
Brown-bag Seed Sales Illegal   ( 2007-03-22 )
The North Dakota State Seed Department reminds producers that brown-bag seed sales are illegal.
N.D. Continues to Have Large Out-of-state, First-year College Student Population   ( 2007-03-22 )
Forty-four percent of first-year college students in North Dakota came from other states in 2004.
Barley and Distillers Grains Make Great Cattle Ration   ( 2007-03-22 )
Barley and distillers grains complement each other exceptionally well in diets for ruminant animals.
Hortiscope   ( 2007-03-22 )
Ron Smith answers reader's questions about the world of plants and gardening.
Prairie Fare: Take Pride in North Dakota Agriculture   ( 2007-03-22 )
North Dakota provides the country and world with lots of nutrition.
RLND Class Learns Lessons, Gains Contacts on Tour   ( 2007-03-22 )
RLND members say they gained valuable knowledge and contacts on their study tour to Washington, D.C.
Look For the WaterSense Label   ( 2007-03-22 )
The EPA has created a logo to tell buyers which toilets, faucets and other water-using projects meet water-efficiency and performance standards.
Prairie Fare: Some Weight Loss Ads Take the Cake   ( 2007-03-15 )
With about two-thirds of Americans overweight or obese, the companies that sell weight loss programs have plenty of potential customers.
BeefTalk: Remind Me Later   ( 2007-03-15 )
The days of ration balancing and breeding cows are still good topics for a winter meeting, but times are changing.
Hortiscope   ( 2007-03-15 )
Ron Smith answers reader's questions about the world of plants and gardening.
Spring is Time to Protect Rural Drinking Water Quality   ( 2007-03-15 )
An NDSU Extension water quality associate offers tips on evaluating wells for contamination from spring runoff.
Walk North Dakota Program Receives Grant   ( 2007-03-09 )
The Dakota Medical Foundation has awarded a $2,500 grant to NDSU’s Walk North Dakota program.
Market Advisor: What’s Ahead for 2007 Lamb Prices   ( 2007-03-08 )
Slaughter lamb prices in the northern Plains likely will be stronger in the second quarter.
Hortiscope   ( 2007-03-08 )
Ron Smith answers reader's questions about the world of plants and gardening.
Plan Now for Your Attack on CRP Weeds   ( 2007-03-08 )
Weeds in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) may be worse than normal this year.
Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Affects Lubrication   ( 2007-03-08 )
Most diesel fuel sold at retail locations in the U.S. is ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel that has different lubricating qualities than diesel previously available.
Take Advantage of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance   ( 2007-03-08 )
Free tax help is available for those who cannot afford professional assistance.
Prairie Fare: Where There’s Smoke, There May Be Fire   ( 2007-03-08 )
According to a 2004 report from the National Fire Data Center, more than 156,000 kitchen fires occurred in the U.S. in 2002.
BeefTalk: BeefTalk: When Dry, Focus on Heifers and the Young Cows  (2018-03-22)  Cattle management during drought is about minimizing herd total weight to match the available forage while maintaining calf numbers.  FULL STORY
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Are Eggs Healthful?  (2018-03-22)  Eggs are a good source of protein and a chemical that helps with brain, nerve and, potentially, memory health.  FULL STORY
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