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NDSU Extension Awarded March of Dimes Grant   ( 2007-02-08 )
The March of Dimes has awarded NDSU Extension a grant to help women prevent premature births and birth defects.
BeefTalk: True or False - The Biggest Blowfish Use EPDs   ( 2007-02-01 )
In the world of beef production, finding the finite, absolute answer is very difficult.
NDSU Offers Cost Control and Risk Planning for Livestock Producers   ( 2007-02-01 )
The NDSU Extension Service has scheduled a series of workshops for livestock producers to discuss cost control and risk planning.
Cooperative Research Focus of Barley Conference   ( 2007-02-01 )
The cooperative nature of barley research and improvement efforts was evident at the 36th Barley Improvement Conference.
Hortiscope   ( 2007-02-01 )
Ron Smith answers reader's questions about the world of plants and gardening.
Community Reviving Movie Theater   ( 2007-02-01 )
A community arts group is bringing Walhalla's old theater back to life.
Income Tax Filing Deadline Draws Near for Agricultural Producers   ( 2007-02-01 )
Farm producers need to take a close look at some tax preparation changes.
NDSU Mental Health and Aging Seminar Set for Feb. 22 in Fargo   ( 2007-02-01 )
A training seminar on mental health and aging issues will be held on Feb. 22 in Fargo.
Prairie Fare: Set Heart Healthy Cooking Goals in February   ( 2007-02-01 )
Preparing healthy meals and eating with others is worth your time on many levels.
BeefTalk: Animal Identification, a Reality or Simply a Perception   ( 2007-01-25 )
The latest bit of news regarding the questionable origin of cattle slaughtered last fall, but only noted this year, continues to call for some type of explanation.
Prairie Fare: Sharing Friendship by the Slice   ( 2007-01-25 )
Friendship bread batter is a type of starter culture similar to the sourdough starters used by the pioneers of the Old West.
Hortiscope   ( 2007-01-25 )
Ron Smith answers reader's questions about the world of plants and gardening.
Market Advisor: The Early 2007 Northern Plains Cattle Market   ( 2007-01-25 )
Weather already has affected the 2007 cattle market.
Go Nutty for Nut Nutrition   ( 2007-01-18 )
The good news: the fat in nuts is mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, which are heart-healthy.
New Horizons Program Participants Named   ( 2007-01-18 )
Thirty North Dakota communities are participating in the NDSU Extension Service's second Horizons community leadership program.
NDSU Extension Launches Food Entrepreneur Web Site   ( 2007-01-18 )
The NDSU Extension Service has created a Web site to help people interested in developing and marketing food products.
Hortiscope   ( 2007-01-18 )
Ron Smith answers readers' questions about the world of plants and gardening.
Don't Buy Blowfish, Use EPDs   ( 2007-01-18 )
The trick in a good beef-breeding plan is to stack the bull pen full of great EPDs.
Bankruptcy Cases Continue to Increase in North Dakota   ( 2007-01-18 )
In 2006, 2,471 bankruptcy cases were filed in North Dakota.
Extension Program Helps Diabetics   ( 2007-01-12 )
Participants of the NDSU Extension Service's pilot Dining with Diabetes program say it was very helpful.
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