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NDSU Extension Direct Contacts Top 1 Million   ( 2018-02-13 )
Extension’s direct contacts increased 33 percent in the last five years.
NDSU Extension Launches ‘Healthwise for Guys’   ( 2018-02-13 )
Cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity are among the topics covered.
NDSU Sheep Unit to Host Lambing Workshop   ( 2018-02-12 )
Lambing barn management and ewe nutrition and health are among the topics that will be covered during the workshop.
Hazardous Substance Reporting May Affect Producers   ( 2018-02-09 )
For livestock operations, reportable substances would include ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, which are in all livestock waste.
BeefTalk: Bull Selection for Moderate Growth?   ( 2018-02-08 )
Now may be the time to get a handle on the perpetual size race.
Prairie Fare: Electric Pressure Cookers Can Speed Meal Preparation   ( 2018-02-08 )
Electric pressure cookers let you make everything from main courses to desserts, but don’t use them for canning food.
Spotlight on Economics: NAFTA Renegotiation and Issues Related to Sweetener Trade   ( 2018-02-07 )
Sugar and other sweeteners could be an issue in NAFTA renegotiations.
NDSU Extension Hosting Brine Spill Discussions   ( 2018-02-06 )
Landowners will have an opportunity to share information and concerns about brine spills.
Prairie Fare: Gentlemen, Maintain Your Bodies With New ‘Healthwise for Guys’ Resources   ( 2018-02-01 )
A website includes fact sheets and links to a wide range of research-based health information.
BeefTalk: Developing Sire Genetic Benchmarks   ( 2018-02-01 )
Benchmarks are key to guiding future sire purchases.
NDSU Extension Service Projects Commodity Prices for 2018   ( 2018-01-31 )
The publication shows 2018 price projections for crops and livestock produced in the state and price estimates for future years.
Odds Good for Drought Extending Into 2018   ( 2018-01-31 )
Conditions indicate that drought could continue in North Dakota this year.
Agricultural Tile Drainage Design Workshop Set   ( 2018-01-26 )
The workshop will focus on planning and designing agricultural tile drainage systems.
BeefTalk: Why Push a Chain Up a Hill?   ( 2018-01-25 )
Matching cattle inventory and calving date with appropriate forage-based systems is critical.
Prairie Fare: Immune System, Put On Your Boxing Gloves   ( 2018-01-25 )
You have several ways to help your immune system resist colds and flu.
NDSU Sets Best of the Best Meetings   ( 2018-01-22 )
Recent issues and research findings that impact soybean and wheat production will be the focus of the meetings.
NDSU Extension Service Improving Life for Older Adults   ( 2018-01-22 )
Extension programs help seniors prevent falls and teach caregivers of older adults how to get the support they need.
Pledge Your Heart to 4-H on Giving Hearts Day   ( 2018-01-19 )
Donations to the North Dakota 4-H Foundation will be used for a variety of activities, including allowing youth to participate in leadership development opportunities.
N.D. 4-H’ers Place in National Competition   ( 2018-01-19 )
North Dakota 4-H'ers competed in consumer choices, meat and livestock judging, and horse-related events.
NDSU Extension to Host Corn Economics Workshops   ( 2018-01-18 )
Enogen corn and its management requirements will be a focus of the workshops.
BeefTalk: BeefTalk: Evaluate Hay Inventory and Cow Condition  (2018-03-15)  Monitoring cow body condition is critical for staying on top of herd management.  FULL STORY
Prairie Fare: Prairie Fare: Are Vegetarian Diets Healthful?  (2018-03-15)  Vegetarian diets usually are lower in fat and saturated fat.  FULL STORY
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