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June 13th, 2019 Leader's Meeting

Nelson County 4-H Leader’s Meeting

Official Minutes
Nelson County Courthouse
June 13th, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:05.  Leaders Present: Angie Jutila, Esther Donohue, and Margaret Estvold. Abesent: Leader Galde, and Joramo.  Extension Staff Present: Katelyn Hain and Kristen Blasey. Hain took minutes, Estvold ran the meeting.

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Jutila, seconded by Donohue, motioned carried.

Minutes were read from the previous meeting and motion to approve was made by Jutila, seconded by Donohue, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was prepared by Blasey along with donations that have started to come in for Achievement Day. Motion to approve by Jutila, seconded by Donohue, motion carried.

Fair Entry was discussed first. Blasey fielded questions and asked that people continue calling if they run into problems. She will do her best to help them. There are still a number of kids enrolled in the program who have not registered.

Final Items for the Fair were discussed including signage, getting the cleaning list sent out, proxy bidders, newspaper articles for events coming to the fair and open class shows, we are also looking for a volunteer to help take photos throughout the two days, including during the premium sale.

Because Ramsey County has offered to let us use their small animal cages this year in the barns, Angela made a motion to amend the original motion of spending $600 on Small, Medium and Large livestock pens each and amended the motion to spend $200 to fancy up a couple show tables, and $900 (10 panels) on panels to create a round pen and house beef, horse, etc. depending on what will fit in barn. Donohue seconded the motion to amend. Motion carried. Katelyn will get table measurements to Esther to buy a table spandex.

Clean up of Barns and buildings at Stump Lake – Diane Swenson and Larry Hoverson thought they might need assistance in cleaning out barns at Stump Lake if we have people willing to help.  They would most appreciate it.  Hain suggested the 27th – will call Larry to find out more and what kind of help is needed.  After the meeting on the 13th Hain talked to Diane S. Diane said they are doing some remodeling so all of the buildings (Main St/Food) are full and they could use help moving things around.  Hain will be in touch about a date.

Hain said we could still use Livestock Supervisors to help get kids ready and lined up for showing.  Esther volunteered to do small animal check-in.


Angie will take care of signage to hang up with “Not responsible for …” statement. Katelyn will talk to Bill to see if they have one to mimic at Ramsey County.

The meeting was adjourned.

Dates to Remember

Raffle tickets – Due in the Office, Monday, July 8th

State Fair Registration Due– July 5th

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