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February 17th, 2019 Leader's Meeting

Nelson County 4-H Leader’s Meeting

Unofficial Minutes

Extension Office | Lakota, ND

February 17th 2019, 1:00pm


The Meeting was called to order at 1:10pm.  Leaders present from the Lakota Cloverleaves: Angela Jutila and Margaret Estvold. From the Bison Bunch: Kaitlin Joramo and from Dakota Eagles: Esther Donohue.  Kristi Berdal and Katelyn Hain were present from the Extension Office. Estvold lead the meeting. Minutes taken by Hain.


Roll call was taken and each individual discussed their favorite 4-H memory. Minutes were read. There were a few amendments made to previous meeting minutes. Jutila motioned to approve minutes as amended; Joramo seconded. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s report was presented with $7,370.93 available in checking.  No more details were given.  Board members discussed having a more detailed treasurer’s report available at future meetings, which includes line items of activities that money is being deposited and withdrawn for.  Joramo moved to approve the treasurer’s report with the addition of more details given in future reports, Donohue seconded. Motion carried.


Old and New Business

State Program Fee

Hain discussed that the State Program Fee ($20/member or $60/family) that was instated in November 2017 has been suspended as of August 31st, 2019.  This means there will be no fee for 4-H members next 4-H Season. At this time, there are no additional county or club fees being collected.


Enrollment Deadline for County Fair Eligibility

4-Her’s may still enroll at any time of the year to become a 4-H member, but must hit a deadline to participate in the current year’s Fair. 2019 was the first year for a hard deadline, and that was Jan. 1st. The Extension Office had extended it to January 20th for logistic reasons. Hain suggested moving the date either ahead or back because timing was a challenge and foresaw challenges in the future if kept at January 1st.  Jutila motioned to move the enrollment deadline for eligibility to participate in the current year’s Fair to December 15th, Joramo seconded. Motion carried.


New Handout: What is the difference between a Project and a Fair/Contest Exhibit?

Berdal lead a discussion on the new handout- project versus exhibit.  The handout will be added to the website. Discussion was brought up that the Nelson County 4-H website states that project areas need to be accounted for in 4-H Online by May 15th for all exhibits being brought to the fair. For example, if you are bringing a photo to the fair, you must be enrolled in the Photography Project area. (Cloverbuds only enroll in Cloverbud + Specific Animals). The Extension Office encourages families to call and ask questions if they are unsure. This deadline will remain flexible, but it is encouraged by the State to help with loading entries into the electronic system. Currently, if a member is not enrolled in a project that they have an exhibit for, Extension has to enroll them before the fair. Be aware that the State is using a New Fair Entry system that may change circumstances – the Extension office has limited information at this time. Extension will send out project reports monthly to club leaders so they know who is registered for what projects, and can help keep kids up to date. Jutila made a motion that in the future, Project Reports (who is enrolled in each project) will be sent to club leaders for their members about once a month starting January 1st. Seconded by Joramo. Motion carried.


Banner for Fair

Added to the agenda, was a discussion on a banner for Achievement Days and other 4-H activities was discussed again. A motion was made by Jutila to get a price and draft of a simplistic sign that says “Nelson Co 4-H Achievements”, that is 6’ x 3’ vinyl with grommets. Joramo seconds. Motion carried.


Nelson County Fair and 4-H Achievement Days

Next on the agenda was the Nelson County Fair.  A report from 2018 of exhibits entered was given to leaders. The new Fair Entry System was discussed again. This program will be used at the State Fair in 2019. We are hoping to use it at the County Fair in 2019 but the Extension Office does not have any further information at this time. The Extension office anticipates that this system should allow 4-Her’s to electronically enter exhibits and keep some records online.


2019 Supplement Amendments and Changes

Several ideas on changes or amendments were discussed to the supplement and 4-H Registration. Jutila moves to amend Cloverbud entries be changed to read “Cloverbuds may exhibit a maximum of 10 entries total between animal and static exhibits.” Joramo seconds. Motion carried.


Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Certification is required if a 4-H member plans to show animals at the State Fair. Jutila moves to match state requirement and add it as a requirement for showing animals at the County Fair. Joramo seconds. Extension will host one with the fall and again in the spring. Hain will work on a date for this year.


Jutila moves to match State Rules on 4-H animal registration that animals must be in possession or management of members by May 1st, and 4-H’ers planning to show animals must have registration into the office for their animals by Mid may (approx. May 15th). Joramo seconds. Motion carried.


There was discussion on animals needing to be present for the entirety of the Fair on the second day. Jutila moves that all animals on the Premium sale list will be walked through the auction, and all animals will be moved to the end of the Premium Sale Order. Joramo seconds. Motion carried. Animals will be brought up to the Main Street Building and displayed outside under a canopy by the Main Street Building during the sale. Because Animals are asked to be displayed all day, a need for a Livestock Steward to man the barns will be necessary.  Council members are asked to keep an ear out for someone who may be interested in this position. Exhibit cards & signs will be displayed to the like of- “not responsible for injury”.


Better displays and signage for 4-H member animal exhibits will be easier to do with animal registration moved up to May. Extension will make signs and work on a better design in the livestock building. Jutila motions to use $2,000 of council funds for livestock caging and/or panels. Donohue seconds. Motion carried. 


2019 Fair Schedule – Amendments and Changes – New Activities and Committees

Joramo motioned to hold the County Fair on July 11th and 12th, 2019 and follow the same schedule of static exhibit judging on Thursday and other events on Friday. Donohue seconds, motion carried.


A schedule from 2018 was looked at and we went down the line. The number of Exhibits is anticipated to rise; so 30 minutes will be added to the beginning of the schedule on Thursday, and leave the end time where it is.  Registration will be from 4:00-7:00pm. Judging will take place 4:30-8:00pm. We will extend food to be available from 4:30pm-8:00pm.   Lakota Close-Up will serve food on Thursday evening.


Estvold will be in charge of the Open Class Floral Show this year. People’s Choice Voting?


Donohue will work on lining up an Open Class Quilt Show. People’s Choice Voting?


Extension will check with CAMO group from Petersburg about food sales on Friday.


Hain will do a cover crop ID Contest again


Lakota City Library will not have a booth this year


No Lawn Games this year


Contact DeAnn Galde about NRCS Soil Tunnel again, people liked it.  They also like the Animal Fur Exhibit if we can find someone to do that as well.


Extension will contact Turtle River about the possibility of a demonstration.


Hain will contact “Don the Bugman” and see if he would be willing to be the main event. 


Educational Booths:


Donohue will contact Savannah Severson about her horse lessons if she would like to advertise

There is a dance class in McVille that could advertise?

Game and Fish may have a minnow exhibit and restock info?

Nelson Co Crop Improvement? 

McVille Library?


Meat Raffle

A meat raffle is still wanted to raise money. Look for pig locally to use.


Leaders Banquet

The Leader’s Banquet was set for March 31st at 5:00pm at Charras and Tequilas in Devils Lake.


The next leader’s meeting date is set for March 24th, 2019 at 1:00pm at the Courthouse.


Angie moves to adjourn, Joramo seconds, motion carried.

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