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ND Law Quiz

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  1. Laws relating to weed control are found in the North Dakota Century Code Chapter 63-01.1

  2. Landowners are responsible for controlling all prohibited noxious weeds on their property

  3. County Weed Officers are elected officials
  4. A list of prohibited noxious weeds is found in the Century Code
  5. County Commissioners appoint individuals to serve on County Weed Boards
  6. Landowners can be fined up to $4000 per year for failure to control prohibited noxious weeds
  7. If a landowner refuses to pay the costs incurred by a county or city weed board for controlling the prohibited noxious weeds on the landowner's property after proper notification of intent to do so, the county or city weed board can file an agricultural lien against the property
  8. The North Dakota Commissioner of Agriculture has no duties related to the control of prohibited noxious weeds

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