Module 2 Instructions:
  1. Carefully read and study the material in the Id & Biology section, including the links to the weed descriptions on the NDWCA website (click on the name of each noxious weed), the links to the NDSU bulletins (found at the end of each noxious weed introduction).
  2. Read and review the new invasive online manual on the ND Dept of Ag website
  3. Complete the practice quizes.
  4. Complete the ND ID & Biology Quiz and submit it to the course author by clicking on the "submit" button.



Id & Biology Quiz

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     1.  Leafy spurge stems contain a white latex.
     2.  Absinth wormwood originated in europe.
     3.  Purple loosestrife is also known as lythrum.
     4.  Russian knapweed is never found in cropland.
     5.  People are the major cause of knapweed spread from one location to another.
     6.  The bracts of spotted knapweed have tips.    
     7.   Pinnate leaves have multiple leaflets.
     8.   A leaflet is part of a  leaf.    
     9.   This drawing is what type of leaf?

        a. simple
       b. pinnately compound
        c. palmately compound                            

     10.  The arrow in this drawing points to what part of the leaf?


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