Ward County

Ward County

Position Description


Department:    Weed Control                                                 Position Number:

Position Title:  Weed Control Officer                                     Classification Level: 24

DOT Number:                                                                         Status: Exempt

Immediate Supervisor:            Weed Board

Supervisory Responsibilities:  Yes


Employee’s Signature:                                                            Date:                          

Supervisor’s Signature:                                                           Date:                          


1. General Summary of Responsibilities

            Responsible for the administration and operation of Weed Control in accordance with the North Dakota Noxious Weed Law (NDCC 63-01.1-05). Performs duties to furnish noxious weed control, herbicide applications, and biological control. Responsible for record keeping for the weed control and insecticide programs.


2. Specific Job Responsibilities (“*” indicates essential function of the position)

*a. Applies by using spraying equipment using the correct formulas chemicals for the          control of noxious weeds in County Rights of Ways, approaches, public and private land.

*b. Surveys and plots noxious weeds and biological control areas (insectuaries) and after determining needs, arrange for distribution.

*c. Updates mapping program of pesticides and noxious weeds designed for spraying on a systematic basis.

*d. Documents applications of pesticides and insecticides and ensures master sheets by township and highways are completed.

*e. Prepares and files reports in compliance with federal and state laws.

*f. Identifies and reports potential hazards and/or conditions which might be hazardous.

*g. Prepares and updates contracts and calls bids when needed.

*h. Submits payroll documents to the County.

*i. Supervises the performance and training of weed control staff and assigns work.

*j. Establishes rapport with and communicates with County officials, taxpayers, the Ward County Commissioners, the Weed Control Board members, County Extension Officer, County Highways Department personnel, landowners, media and other community members.

*k. Ensures other sprayers keep accurate and detailed records for each spraying, checks records for accuracy and completeness.

*l. Prepares reports and other required documentation.

*m. Investigates complaints and reports to County officials.

*n. Takes enforcement actions when required.

*o. Prepares news releases as requested by the Weed Control Board or County Commissioners.

*p. Travels using motor vehicle or other means of transportation to visit with community members and organizations; and attends meetings.

*r. Ensures spraying and other equipment used by Weed Control Department is inventoried and in proper operational condition.

*s. Maintains Material Safety Data Sheets on all insecticides and pesticides for Weed Control and it’s storage facility and provides training to staff at least annually.

*t. Ensures proper storage of chemicals and inspects storage areas at least monthly.

*u. Uses safety equipment and clothing when around chemicals.

*v. Operates various types of machinery.

*w. Maintains operation log for spraying (date, time, location, and weather conditions).


3. Additional Duties

a. Attends and participates in meetings both during and after regular working hours.

b. Performs other tasks/duties, as assigned.

c. Performs duties in coordination with the County Engineer when possible.


4. Job Specifications (“*” indicates essential requirement of the position)

*a. High School Diploma, required. BS Degree in Agriculture or related field, preferred.

*b. Three years experience in pesticide and insecticide usage and storage; and spraying equipment usage; required.

*c. License to apply “restricted use” pesticides in the following categories: CORE, Agricultural Pest Control, and Right of Way, required.

*d. Working knowledge of pesticide application, federal and state weed control laws, identification of noxious weeds, and application formulas and distribution, required.

*e. Two years experience in supervising and training personnel, preferred.

*f. Ability to organize, update, troubleshoot, schedule, and carryout duties, develop and prepare contracts, various forms, worksheets, and mapping tools, required.

*g. Possesses valid North Dakota “Class B CDL” driver’s license and possesses an insurable driving record, required.

*h. Ability to work harmoniously with federal, state and local officials in carrying out duties, required.

*i. Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills, required.

*j. Ability to travel on public conveyances, required.

*k. Knowledge of working with and in safety equipment, required.

l. one year experience in inventory maintenance and control, preferred.

m. Ability to differentiate land measurements (quarters, sections, etc), preferred.


5. Physical and Mental Requirements: These support the essential functions of the position.

a. Stooping and bending downward, using lower extremities and back muscles.

b. Reaching, extending hands and arms in any direction.

c. Standing for a minimum of 2 hours at a time.

d. Walking for extended periods with a minimum of 2 hours and negotiating steep slopes with 300 feet of hose.

e. Pulling using force, hose and other items.

f. Lifting and carrying up to 100 pounds, moving items from lower positions to a position that may be higher and a distance away.

g. Using hands and fingers.

h. Talking and able to communicate with people verbally and writing to communicate.

i. Corrected vision and ability to read documents to include technical manuals, maps and other information.

j. Vision must include color definition, depth perception and field of vision


k. Making repetitive motions using whole or parts of the body.



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