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Image PNG image Spring Lawn Care
Image PNG image Home
Image JPEG image Gardening Without Removing Sod
Image PNG image Horticulture for the Home Title Screen
The title screen fro Horticulture for the Home videos
Image PNG image Fall Flower Care with Todd Weinmann
Image PNG image Raised Beds
A view from Building a Raised Bed video
Image PNG image Trees and Shrubs Book Cover
Cover of the book "Trees and Shrubs for Northern Great Plains Landscapes"
Image JPEG image Dandelion Closeup
Image PNG image Non-Pattern Lawn Discoloration
Image JPEG image Rhubarb in Flower
Image JPEG image Young Forest Tent Caterpillar Larvae
Very young larvae of forest tent caterpillar on the twig of an apple tree. They lack the distinct keyhole-shaped markings on the top side as seen in mature larvae.
Image JPEG image Mature Forest Tent Caterpillar Larvae
Mature larva of forest tent caterpillar, Mandan, June 2007. Notice the white, keyhole-shaped markings on the top of the larva.
Image JPEG image Forest Tent Caterpillar Egg Mass
Egg mass of forest tent caterpillar.
Image JPEG image Squirrel with Green Apples
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Image PNG image After the Flood: Lawns and Trees Video
Image JPEG image Hosta After Rain
Image PNG image Normal Fall Needle Drop
Image GIF image Buffer a Tree
A burlap barrier in a V-shape to protect an evergreen from sun and wind.
Image GIF image Sunscald
The sketch on the left shows the damage caused which will heal slowly if at all, while the sketch on the right shows the wound cleaned up by cutting the loosened and damaged bark back to where it is attached to the trunk cylinder.
Image JPEG image Wrapping a Tree Trunk
Wrapping a Tree Trunk
Image JPEG image Frosty
Jack Frost in Bloom
Image JPEG image Jack Frost
"Jack Frost"
Image JPEG image Jack Frost in Bloom 2
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