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NDNC Board Highlights - Summer 2017 Board meeting

June 27, 2017
  • Approximately $1600 in memberships dues have been collected during the current enrollment period.  Using Eventbrite for collection of membership dues has been working very well.  The program issues receipts for members, which helps as a reminder of membership status.
  • There are 97 current paid memberships, including students.
  • The elimination of a 2-year membership option has helped to know if membership has expired/paid and to determine annual income from membership fees.
  • A current NDNC Member Directory will continue to be available to all members.
  • Board members committed to efforts to increase NDNC memberships.
  • Introductions of student liaisons were made: Erin Lauckner (UND) and Madelyn Pennings (NDSU). 
  • April 2017 Conference evaluations were electronically collected after the conference. The Council will return to paper evaluations to get a better return rate.  
  • Conference feedback was positive. The most frequently mentioned improvement was to have the conference be a noon-to-noon two-day event rather than a single full-day.  Conference attendees liked the Food Pantry volunteer activity.  Another favorite was the Network Walk to view/hear about completed mini-grant projects. More time at each mini-grant station was suggested.
  • An improved method of contacting potential NDNC sponsors will be investigated.
  • A pilot program to fund NDNC participation in Community Outreach events/projects was established. The board voted to use a total of $1000 towards compiling several NDNC Outreach Toolkits for use at events. The $1000 would include one or more grants of $200 given to individuals or groups planning to promote NDNC at a community event.
  • The toolkits may contain a NDNC banner, brochures, logo tablecloth or runner, NDNC t-shirts (that would be returned when finished) and other items to use to promote NDNC. The toolkits would be stored at various points around the state to save mailing costs.
  • An application form will be developed for NDNC members to request the $200 Outreach Grants. 
  • Outreach Grant duties will be assigned to the Education Committee.  A motion passed to change the title of “Education Committee Chairperson” to “Education and Outreach Committee Chairperson.”
  • Jan and Katie had visited the State Library Archives to discover what materials were in the NDNC archives and seek guidance on what items should continue to be added. The current archived items will be organized; future archived items may be sent via Dropbox to the State Library. 
  • A review of the NDNC By-Laws has been completed.  The definition of “student” will be specified as “full-time student.” 
  • The “Award of Excellence” has been retired by the council. Annual NDNC Conference Scholarships have been added.
  • A support of $500 to the Eat Smart/Play Hard campaign was approved.


Ann Schuetzle, Secretary

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