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FACS Teacher - Lana Duffey Feeley

What is your job title?

I am a Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) Teacher and an FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) Advisor

Where do you work? 

Davies High School, Fargo ND

What do you do on a typical day of work?

Because of my RD (Registered Dietician) status I teach mostly foods classes.  Every semester is different because we offer 5 different foods courses.  This semester I teach primarily Food Revolution, which is my favorite, because it’s nutrition based and I really get to talk nutrition!

What are the most and least rewarding parts of your job? 

I love that each day brings a new opportunity to teach students a life skill.  High School students are so fun when they’re willing to try new things.  Last week we made beets – you should have seen some of the reactions!  It was great.  On the flip side it can be frustrating sometimes when kids refuse to try new things or just aren’t interested in learning how to be healthy.  They think they’ll never get old and suffer the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.  I tell them to stop by in 30 years and we can talk. 

What education requirements, college degrees, and licenses are needed for your career? 

To be a FACS teacher you need a BS in FACS Education.  I maintain my RD status because I love dietetics and know that it helps me bring more accurate information into the classroom.

What do you wish you knew (but didn't) when you first contemplated this career? 

How much work teaching is.  I think people can assume that because we get the summers off that we don’t work for three months.  It’s completely the opposite.  I work all summer planning, taking classes and experimenting with new ideas to bring into the classroom.  Before I started teaching I worked for WIC and then in a hospital setting.  I remember going home and not thinking about work until I went back the next morning.  Life just doesn’t work that way with teaching. 

What are the working conditions like (stress, pace, physical comfort, travel, environment, relocation, hours)? 

Davies High School is a great place to work.  I love the teaching staff, enjoy working with the students and can’t say enough about the positive environment in the school.  Every day brings something new so it’s never, ever boring!  It’s especially rewarding when you find a student make a connection to the real world and a potential career!  I would say that most of the stress comes from the workload.  Teaching FACS is a completely different world than other classrooms.  We are constantly ordering groceries, setting up for labs, cleaning dishes, doing laundry, etc. The good part is that my job isn’t sedentary however, it can leave little time for the grading and paperwork required.  That’s when you end up taking your work home, and that’s when the hours get long and stress can build.  Overall, I absolutely love my job and know that what I teach matters in the longevity of the student’s life.

Why are you an NDNC member? 

Being a part of professional organizations is important for professionals.  The NDNC offers great resources and provides a glimpse into the public health messages that are being shared around our state.

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